Unique Lighting Ideas for Dark Winter Evenings

As the nights draw in and daylight hours dwindle, it’s all too easy to let the lack of daylight get to us. But there are plenty of ways to bring light and joy to the home during the winter months. Starting with unique lighting.

To help, we’ve compiled a selection of our favourite unique lighting ideas to help inspire your lighting vision. We’re talking unusual designs, playful shapes and bold colours. What’s not to love?

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PH5 Pendant Light

By Louis Poulson

Not only does the PH5 Pendant look impressive. It also brings revolutionary light technology to your home. Designed by Poul Henningsen, this striking pendant produces the ideal combination of downward and lateral light. This ambient glow gently illuminates the surroundings and the fixture itself. The three-tier shade system then diffuses the light and prevents glare.

Bud Portable Light

By Melissa Yup for Innermost

The Bud is the unusual do-anything light. Available in a kaleidoscope of colours, this portable lamp is easily rechargeable thanks to the micro USB charging socket on the underside. It lasts for up to 20 hours from one charge, making it perfect for illuminating dark nights or setting an ambient mood. And as it offers three levels of brightness, it’s also hugely versatile.

Melt Floor Lamp Chandelier

By Tom Dixon

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional chandelier, you’re in luck. Eccentric and extraordinary, each one of Melt’s seven shades is crafted using pioneering vacuum moulding. Emitting a mildly hallucinogenic light, this striking lamp creates a mesmerising hot blown-glass effect when on and a mirror-effect when off. Evoking otherworldly imagery, it makes a bold design statement.

Filigrana T2 Cylinder Lamp

By Sebastian Wrong for Established & Sons

The Filigrana T2 harnesses the mystery of traditional Venetian glass blowing. Its distinctive candy stripes and elegant structure make it a real focal point in the home. The surface of the lamp is also intricately acid-etched to allow for a soft and diffused glow to be emitted. Crafted in Spain using a 16th-century technique from Murano, each lamp is truly unique and unusual. 

5321 Table Lamp

By Gubi

The 5321 table lamp brings the romantic charm of the seaside straight to your home. Its bulb appears subtly from beneath the unique seashell-shaped brass shade, which evokes images of pearls resting in the deep sea. While its rattan-covered stem brings a playful touch to its mid-century design. And as its finished with a brass-hued textile cord, it brings a timeless flourish to any space.

Mytilus Pendant Light

By Arturo Alvarez

The Mytilus will transform your space with its ethereal glow and sculptural structure. Arturo Alvarez designed this modern pendant having drawn inspiration from the moving seabed and the ocean’s currents. The stainless-steel mesh shade curves round the artisanal glass orb that surrounds the integrated LED light. Put simply, it’s a mesmerising statement piece.

Arame Wall Light

By Tom Raffield

Combining sustainable craftsmanship and sculptural design, let nature guide the way with the Arame Wall Light. Crafted using steam-bent wood and arranged in a tessellating pattern, it mimics the organic shapes and movements found in the natural world. When switched on, it casts a kaleidoscopic pattern onto the wall. But when switched off, the light maintains its sculptural aesthetic.

Knuckle Table Lamp

By Tala

The Knuckle Table Lamp is the perfect compact design to illuminate a desk or bedside table. Paired with an exposed energy-saving Voronoi II bulb, it mimics natural light sources to dim from cool to warm light. In turn, this works to bring visual and physical harmony to any room in the home. Crafted using FSC-grade pure American oak or walnut, it’s easy to find the right one for your space.

Hebe Floor Lamp

By ferm LIVING

The Hebe takes the structure of the classic lamp and transforms it with artistic flair and strong shapes. Initially sculpted by hand, the lamp base is crafted from ceramic to a fluid silhouette. Taking its cues from nature, this raw design creates a majestic focal point in any room in the home. To complete the look, combine the lamp with a matching textile lampshade.

IC Low Table Light

By Flos

A harmonious balance of form and finish, the IC T1’s slender silhouette defies gravity. Inspired by street performing acrobats, designer Michael Anastassiades distils their movement in sculptural form. Characterised by a use of lustred metal and glass, its sculpted silhouette creates a unique focal point. The glass’ frosted finish then emits a warm glow to light the home on dark evenings.

Basalt Triple Pendant Light

By Tala

The Basalt Triple’s delicate angular form is inspired by nature’s beauty. The unique light combines three irregular pendants with three mouth-blown glass bulbs. With its mix of strong materials and dimmable LED technology, it’s perfect for softly illuminating the home. Moreover, as it’s designed to mimic the natural processes that inspire it, it creates a striking focal point.

Multi Lite Table Lamp

By Gubi

The Multi Lite embraces the golden era of Danish design to make a statement in your space. The lamp’s elegance and decorate form make it appear almost sculptural. Whilst the multi-purpose design works to direct light upwards, downwards or in asymmetrical patterns. As the darkness sets in, this lamp is perfect for creating a unique lighting solution in any living space.

Torch S1 Cone Pendant

By Sylvain Willenz for Established & Sons

The Torch draws inspiration from typical torch and car headlights to bring a fun, vibrant look to the home. The bold yet functional conical shade mimics the handheld nature of the torch. While the diffuser’s textured surface references typical torch and car headlights. It’s also entirely dimmable. Which allows for a warm glow to be created throughout the room on dark nights.

Luna Disc Wall Light

By Gabriel Kakon & Scott Richler for Gabriel Scott

The Luna emits a soft glow to gently illuminate the home. Handcrafted in Canada, it takes its structural cues from the original bespoke Luna series. The striking light is crafted from layers of mouth-blown glass. With the spherical structure mimicking the moon’s silhouette. When switched on, this modern design emits a warm light that replicates the moon’s diffused glow.

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