• Giving a fresh feel to the bedroom, all of our exclusive and designer bed linen is made from the finest natural fibres. The choice of crisp white linen, clean blocks of colour or soothing pattern means there is a design to suit every sleeper.

Why buy Heal’s Bed Linen?

Having first opened as a mattress and bedding specialist in 1810, throughout Heal’s two hundred year history we’ve continued to pride ourselves on providing the finest quality bedding.

Whether it’s pure cotton or linen, all of Heal’s Bed Linen ranges are made from entirely natural materials.

Simple, understated and elegant, we offer a range of quality made designs to complement your space.

What to look for?

Thread count

The thread count denotes the number of threads per square inch and is a good indicator of the quality of the bed linen. The higher the thread count the softer and more lustrous the fabric, as well as more durable and less prone to shrinkage.

Conventional sheets have a thread count of around 150, while higher quality sheets start at 180. Any bed linen above 200 provides a more luxurious fabric quality.

Unlike cotton, linen bedding is not classified by thread count. This, however, does not make it less luxurious with linen regarded as one of the finest and long-lasting bedding fabrics laundering better over time in comparison to a high thread count cotton.

Fabric qualities

Both the look and feel of bedding depends on the type of fabric used with specific factors including the quality of the yarn and how the threads are woven on the loom (the type of weave).

Those in search of a more relaxed feel would be advised to go for a washed cotton or linen while the structured sheen of a high thread count Egyptian cotton is more suited to an opulent bedroom setting.

Please refer to ‘Our fabrics’ section below for more details on Heal’s Bed Linen ranges.


Alongside the use of high quality fabrics, what sets a luxurious range of bedding apart from standard Bed Linen are the subtle details and embellishment found on each piece.

This includes decorative embroidery, Oxford borders on pillowcases and mussel shell buttons enclosing duvet covers.

Our fabrics

Egyptian Cotton Sateen

Egyptian cotton is one of the finest types thanks to its long staple, which refers to the natural length of the plants fibre.

Requiring a more complex structure than plain weaves due to the higher number of thinner threads, our Sateen weave range produces a smoother, softer feel as well as a light sheen.

All of our Egyptian Cotton Sateen range is available as either a 400 or 600 thread count.

Jacquard Weave

Interweaving fibres of different colours and finishes, jacquard produces a contrast of flat matte and raised sateen threads to create soft textured bedding.

Woven in Portugal using a traditional jacquard loom, all of our Jacquard bedding ranges have a 210 thread count.


Made from cotton that is brushed on both sides to make it sumptuously soft, flannel bedding is ideal for the winter months thanks to its tight weave.

Our range of flannel bed linen is woven in Portugal from 160 gsm cotton.


The smooth texture of percale is produced using a traditional technique in which cotton yarns are combed to remove shorter staples of yarn and provide a crisp, refreshing feel.

Easy to care for, this fabric dries very quickly requiring little or no ironing with all of our percale bedding woven from smooth 200 thread count cotton.

Washed Cotton

The relaxed look of washed cotton provides an economical alternative to linen as well as a crisp, refreshing sleep.

Low maintenance, washed cotton does not require ironing and is an ideal choice for the summer months.


One of the finest fabrics to sleep in, linen is two to three times stronger than cotton lasting longer and actually softening over time.

While it may noticeably wrinkle more easily the breathable properties of linen help to regulate body temperature meaning it is great for staying cool in the summer yet can also help to trap heat on those colder winter nights.

Naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, linen is ideal for allergy sufferers. It also has a natural pH balance that helps to soften and preserve the skin.


When choosing your bed linen, it is important that you select the right size to ensure a neat, tailored look.

The following sizes correspond to Heal’s own range of designs. Should you feel unsure, the dimensions for every product sold through our website are clearly displayed on the product pages.

Duvet Cover

Single: 135/140 x 200cm
Double: 200 x 200 cm
King Size: 230 x 220cm
Super King Size: 260 x 220cm

Fitted Sheet

Single: 90 x 190cm
Double: 135 x 190 cm
King Size: 150 x 200cm
Continental: 150 x 200cm
Super King Size: 180 x 200cm

Flat Sheet

Single: 180 x 260cm
Double: 230 x 260 cm
King Size: - 275 x 260cm
Super King Size: 305 x 260cm


Standard: 50 x 75cm
A simple pillowcase where a standard pillow fills all of the fabric.

Oxford: 50 x 75cm
Fits a standard pillow but has a border or frill around the edges.

Looking After Your Linen

Washing instructions for your specific bed spread will vary depending on the design and fabric used. Each item will include a label that provides advice on the correct temperature to wash at, the spin cycle and, in certain cases, whether or not professional cleaning is required.

Factors to consider when caring for your bed linen include:

  • As a rule of thumb, bed linen should be ironed while damp or with a steam function
  • Deep colours should be washed together, as should the pillowcase and duvet.
  • To maintain colour use non-optically bright detergent

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