Over 200 years of design and inspiration combine to create our stunning range of modern furniture. With a focus on innovation, quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, our classic & contemporary furniture collections are filled with luxurious designs to suit every style.


Blu Dot Offers - 15% off

Blu Dot Offers

Blu Dot's goal is to bring good design to as many people as possible, creating furniture that is useful, affordable and desirable. Shop now for 15% off!

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Dining Room - Up to 30% Off

Dining Room Offers

Whether it’s for entertaining or everyday life, our contemporary dining room furniture perfectly sets the scene, and with up to 30% off it's never been more appealing.

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Storage - Up to 15% off

Storage Offers

Diverse in their design, our range of modern storage shares practicality and style, now up to 15% off.

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Dining Chairs - Up to 15% off

Dining Chair Offers

One of the many dining chairs with up to 30% off, the Sonny chair offers enveloping comfort with its distinctively shaped seat.

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Living Room - Up to 15% off

Living Room Offers

The Holborn coffee table encapsulates our commitment to classic design, now with up to 15% off.

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Armchairs - Up to 20% off

Armchair Offers

The eyecatching Ziggy Chair is one of many armchairs with up to 20% off.

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Brunel - Lowest Price Guaranteed

Brunel Range

We’re so proud of our best-selling Brunel range we now have some new additions!

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Sofa Beds - Up to 20% Off

Sofa Bed Offers

Great for guests or transforming a space, our Sofa Beds provide the perfect sit and sleep and now with up to 20% off.

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Home Office - Up to 30% Off

Home Office Offers

Our chic range of functional furniture and storage for your office space now has up to 30% off.

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