Tom Raffield

"I truly believe sustainability should be synonymous with good design.” Tom Raffield

Sustainable design

A major driving force for Tom Raffield is sustainability. As steam bending requires relatively little energy and creates minimal waste product, it's the perfect technique for this eco-minded design house. Sustainability is the bedrock for the entire business and is considered down to the materials it uses. Timber is FSC-certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests that Tom Raffield has thoroughly vetted beforehand.

The shape of things to come

By creating commercially available, handcrafted designs, Tom Raffield is forging a new future for design. This future is a world where throwaway culture is a distant memory and sustainable materials are front and centre in our homes. To achieve this, Tom Raffield works with suppliers whose eco-ethics align with its own, collaborates with forward-thinking brands and designs with the extraordinary in mind.