Louis de Poortere

Louis de Pooretere is based in Kortrijk, the Flemish city that’s central to the Belgian textile industry. The company focuses on techniques and technology to inspire with innovation in its designs. More than 850 artisans still use the same knowledge Belgian weavers did centuries ago.

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"Everyone envied the talent of the Flemish weavers. Nobody was their equal in combining beauty and quality.” - Louis de Poortere

Mastery of materials

Every part of these rugs, from the label to the edging, is made from the same hardwearing-material – 100% polyester – so that they’re fully recyclable. What’s more, there’s no need to separate materials during the production process, while there’s absolutely no comprise on quality or style. Currently, these rugs are comprised of 80% virgin polyester and 20% recycled polyester, but the company’s goal is to be fully circular.  

Commitment to sustainability

Louis de Pooretere implements strict environmental standards in its manufacturing and production, including 50% of its energy coming from renewable sources and 90% of its waste being put into production. This commitment to sustainability has allowed the company to remain at the cutting-edge of eco-friendly design.