Floor Lamp

With their striking silhouettes, our modern floor lamps provide a vibrant design feature for your space. Transform the look and feel of any room in the home with our wide range of floor lamps and shades.

Discover our designs, from the classic stem and shade to modern tripod floor lamps.

Floor lamps are great at reinforcing the feeling of cosiness - layers of soft light are known to make a space feel homely and snug. If you’re looking to create a contemporary feel, opt for a design with an exposed bulb such as the Joule or Junction Floor Lamp. For something more traditional, choose from our range of wooden or brass floor lamps.

Floor lamps not only bring light to dark and dingy corners but draw the eye upwards creating the illusion of height as well. The popular Heal’s Mini Lounge floor lamp is great at catching the eye and making use of tricky corner spaces.

Want to add a unique and eye-catching design feature to your room? Tripod floor lamps are great for utilising as both a light source and an accessory. We have a variety available in the luxury floor lamps collection at Heal’s. From striking black and white to solid wooden bases, there are floor lamps for every style of home.
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