Access Guidelines

When ordering from Heal’s, we want you to have the simplest, stress free experience. That’s why we’ve created this clear set of access guidelines for delivering and installing furniture.

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For a stress-free delivery, follow these simple steps

Before we deliver any order, we ask our customers to consider a number of factors that could obstruct us from safely installing their furniture. The last thing anyone wants is for a new sofa or dining table to arrive outside your home only to find it won’t fit through the door. To ensure a smooth service, please take some time to read the following guidelines.

Before Ordering

When buying new furniture it is important that you have measured your room accurately before you place your order. This is to ensure that the furniture will work within your space, and that it will be successfully delivered to the room of your choice.

Every item of furniture is listed with full measurements (width, height and depth) on the individual product descriptions. If you are unsure, or have any questions regarding a particular item of furniture then please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0333 212 1915, Option 1.

It is important to consider the size of the room the furniture is for. A simple way to see if the item of furniture will be in proportion to the rest of the room is to mark out the space on the floor with paper or masking tape. Remember to make sure that there is enough space to walk around your furniture, to open all drawers and doors, and to use comfortably. You will require at least 60cm clearance around a dining table for you to use dining chairs comfortably.

Measure Up

Remember to measure your room accurately to ensure the furniture can be delivered successfully to the desired room. Our guidelines are below:

1) Measure the heights and widths of any hallways and door accesses, as well as the entry clearance. Rememeber that diagonal measurements will be longer and may affect the ability to deliver the furniture to your desired location.

2) Find out the measurements of your furniture. All measurements are listed on the individual product descriptions.

3) The height and lengths of the furniture must be less than the door frame and door access. The depth of the furniture must be less than the width of access points. In conclusion, the item you are purchasing must measure less than all locations it will pass through to ensure successful delivery.

4) Don’t forget to consider of any obstacles such as turning circles (stairwells), hallways, low ceilings, banisters, fixtures, radiators and light fittings. These may affect the accessibility of the furniture. You should consider the entire path from the delivery van to the final destination.

Please Note

Delivery charges will not be refunded in circumstances where insufficient access is the reason for return. For further information please refer to our online terms and conditions.

Careful consideration of all the above will help to ensure disappointment and cancellations fees are not incurred. This is merely a guide and does not guarantee that your furniture purchase will fit your room or be delivered successfully.

Please note: we cannot deliver above the second floor.