How to Create a Cosy Bedroom

Now more than ever there’s nothing quite like escaping the chaos of modern life and retreating to a cosy bedroom to hunker down in hibernation. With this in mind, the bedroom should inevitably be the most tranquil room in the house. But how do you transform yours into a haven for rest and relaxation? 

Well, that’s where we come in. Whether you’re set on overhauling your sleeping quarters or just looking for a quick way to spruce up your space, we’ve got you covered. From introducing soft textures and calming colours to experimenting with light and fragrance, here we highlight simple ways to create your very own snug bedroom.

Soft textures

Layers, layers and more layers. Layered soft furnishings are perfect for creating both an eye-catching focal point and a warm haven to drift off in. Introduce soft throws and cushions to the bed for a quick way to make a warm, inviting space. As the bed itself should be a sanctuary, try to dress it in velvety textures, luxe bedspreads and sumptuously soft throws.

Ambient lighting

Create a relaxing atmosphere by switching off the ceiling fixture after dark and concentrating on low light. Introduce matching bedside lamps and strategically positioned floor lamps to maximise the room’s potential. Lighting that emits a soft, warm glow is perfect for setting an intimate mood. 

Snug rugs

Start from the ground up by adding extra cosiness with a plush rug (or two). As the bedroom is typically used barefoot, it’s essential to have a soft floor surface. Particularly when climbing in and out of bed. Rugs offer the perfect way to introduce more warmth, additional texture and that all-important super-soft flourish.

Calming colours

We often retreat to the bedroom when we need to switch off and unwind. Therefore, focusing on colours that evoke calm and serenity will create a much cosier atmosphere than bold patterns. Choosing soft throws, faux fur blankets and cosy knits in neutral tones is a great place to start.

Natural materials

Bringing the serenity of nature to the home will help to create a cosy bedroom. Rich, sensuous textures and pared-back elements work to evoke a sense of inner calm. Which in turn, sets a warm, welcoming tone. Clean lines, raw materials and contemporary silhouettes are perfect for this.

Banish clutter

Decluttering is key to creating an ample space for rest and relaxation. While a bedside table and reading nook are perfect, try to avoid cramming in too much else. Unnecessary side tables, desks and bookshelves will make the room feel cramped and crowded. Instead, stick to the essentials.

Soothing scents

Nurturing all five scents is key to creating the ultimate cosy bedroom. Introducing scented candles or essential oils will work to evoke calm and happiness. Fragrances with notes of lavender offer a great place to start. As an esteemed aromatherapy tool, lavender is perfect for reducing restlessness and anxiety. 

Comfortable mattress

A bedroom can’t be cosy if it isn’t a comfortable place to sleep. Invest in a good mattress and you’ll never look back. Always make sure you opt for the right type, size and tension to ensure restful sleep. As purchasing a mattress is a long-term commitment, choose the right one with our helpful guide.

Cosy nook

If your bedroom has the space, create a cosy nook with a comfy armchair and soft lighting. Ban technology (with its glowing lights and intermittent hums) and use this small space as a reading corner. Reading is a wonderful pre-sleep activity and a great one for general relaxation too.

Go dark

If you like to make more of a statement with your interiors, darker hues will add dramatic cosiness. Paint the walls (or stick to a single feature wall) in a deep, relaxing shade to bring in added warmth and comfort. Try to focus on one solid colour and steer away from statement patterns.

Incorporate knits

Knitted throws and blankets are perfect for adding extra warmth and texture to the bedroom. Neutral tones and soft fabrics work particularly well in conjuring comfort and calm. Cocoon the bed in chunky knits or drape fine knits over a statement armchair to create the ultimate cosy atmosphere. 

Leather accents

Experiment with texture and depth by introducing leather accents. Investing in a leather headboard with a simple, considered design will help to keep the room clean and serene. Whilst also introducing warmth and comfort. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not opt for a luxurious leather chaise lounge.

Scandi simplicity

Simplicity, functionality and beauty are at the heart of Scandinavian design. And they should be at the heart of your bedroom too. Focusing on raw materials, soft textures and clean colour palettes will bring warmth, cosiness and comfort to your space. Minimalist design also helps to create a calm, serene place to rest your head at night. 

How to Create a Cosy Bedroom

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