‘Slow decorating’: hot trend or timeless approach?

‘Slow decorating’ has become a buzzword in the design community, referring to consciously and slowly furnishing your home by selecting quality pieces and taking time to enjoy a more gradual process. 

It’s the opposite of the quickfire ‘room reveals’ that flood our feeds on Instagram. The antithesis of tapping into a trending aesthetic only to change it again a few months later. And the reverse of refurbishing a house as quickly as possible. It’s thoughtful and considered.

But while others are billing the concept of slow decorating as a trend, we think of it more as a sustainable approach to design, similar to the one we adopted many years ago. Which is why everything from our furniture and lighting to accessories and soft furnishings are selected for superior craftsmanship and quality materials. It makes for designs that truly stand the test of time and can be passed down from generation to generation; and, in turn, help you shop and style your home more sustainably. 

It’s an ethos captured in Heal’s Cares – our commitment to quality design – which you can read here

So, how do you actually go about slow decorating? 

It starts with quality design

Shopping at Heal’s is your first step when it comes to slow decorating. We believe in creating, and curating, timeless pieces that transcend seasons and trends so that every choice you make for your home really counts. There’s no place for throwaway culture in our business, meaning better value for money and price-per-use for you, and more importantly, less waste for the environment. We craft products that will last a lifetime – for example, our solid wood sofa frames come with a lifetime guarantee – and use the right materials for the right products, while working with natural or recycled materials where possible. Most of our producers are based in the UK or mainland Europe to minimise our carbon footprint, and we always try to support heritage skills honed by the passions and talents of artisans over the years. From Heal’s creations to curated designs, enjoy getting inspired by great designs to help you create a home you love. 

Take your time 

The clue’s in the name when it comes to slow decorating. Take your time to get to know your home before jumping straight in. Consider the light in each space or how you use every room. Get to understand the style of the property and how you’d like to put your stamp on it. Then make carefully-considered decisions when it comes to selecting designs and bringing your vision to life. Are they investment pieces? Do they have more than one function? Can they be reupholstered if you want to change the colour down the line? Think quality over quantity and gradually build up your scheme by layering furniture (bigger pieces first) with lighting (multiple styles for a professional look), accessories (consider different shapes and sizes) and soft furnishings (texture is key). Why not combine design classics with hand-me-downs and vintage finds? A gloriously eclectic – and sustainable – way to decorate. Slowing down the whole process doesn’t just ensure a considered scheme, but staggers costs, too, helping with all-important budgeting.  

Finish by repurposing something old

Even when designs are created to endure, sometimes you still might want to change things up, as a scheme is never truly finished. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hackney Upholstery Studio to offer an expert upholstery service for your furniture. Based in east London and founded by Polly Fenech and Marine Potrais, both of whom have a background in fashion buying, the studio aims to showcase the skill of upholstery and value of the craft to a new generation of design-conscious clients. Whether you’re giving a vintage piece a new lease of life, or simply refreshing your style, the service will ensure a much-loved design can be enjoyed for many more years to come. 

Get inspired for your slow decoration interior scheme by browsing and buying from our collection of quality furniture, lighting, accessories and soft furnishings; or, if you need a helping hand, get in touch with our Interior Planning Service to help develop a look you’ll love for years to come.