Entertain like a designer this Easter

Easter is the first big chance to entertain after Christmas, and is significantly less stressful than the festive season, so throw open the doors for friends and family with the Heal’s guide to hosting at home like a designer. From gorgeous dining tables to gather around, to covetable tableware to dress them with, plus those […]

The secret to sleeping better

Now, more than ever, good sleep is conducive to a good life. It impacts on absolutely everything we do, from our relationships with friends and family, to how we perform at work, not to mention our own health and wellbeing. Never has it been more in focus, and quite rightly so. Good news, then, that […]

How to create a harmonious space for home working

While many return to the office this winter, others are continuing to work from home full-time, or are straddling the strange new hybrid combination. Whatever your working pattern, creating a space at home that is conducive to productivity and creativity when you are getting down to business is crucial, balancing both practicality and comfort while […]

How to Identify ercol Furniture

Maybe you’ve spotted a vintage Windsor Chair in your local antique shop or are bidding on a second-hand sideboard online. Whatever the case, if you want to know how to identify ercol furniture then you’ve come to the right place. Today, ercol is renowned for crafting timeless furniture that’s at home in both modern and […]

How to Create a Sociable Living Room

Whether you’re an avid entertainer or an occasional host, there are bound to be times your living room is used for socialising. It could be anything from movie nights or parties to catch ups over coffee. A truly sociable living room will help your guests feel relaxed, welcome and comfortable. By following our carefully compiled […]