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Modigliani and The Mansard Gallery

  A new and exciting exhibition has come to London. The Tate Modern is staging the largest UK retrospective of Amedeo Modigliani’s work – one hundred portraits, including some of his best, painted over the 14 years that Modigliani lived in Paris. Known for his pictorial style and elongated forms, it comes as a surprise […]

Heal’s Heritage Room: a journey through design

  Travel back through 200 years of design history at Heal’s Heritage Room, a new permanent exhibition space within our Tottenham Court Road store. From the introduction of feather filled mattresses to modernist tubular furniture, the revolutionary work of the Mansard Gallery to our part in the Festival of Britain, for over two centuries Heal’s […]

Child’s Play: Ambrose Heal at the V&A

The latest addition to the V&A’s collection, the Joan Chair is an invaluable piece of Ambrose Heal’s Arts & Crafts design. Dating from 1901, this one-off chair was commissioned by leather tycoon Joseph Angus for his youngest child Joan, and is just one of a number of pieces made by Heal & Son especially for […]

Great minds think alight: Joseph Swan

All this month we’re celebrating the life of pioneering inventor Joseph Swan – the man responsible for the incandescent bulb and modern lighting as we know it. The story begins as early as 1850 when Swan first began work on his infamous bulb. It would, however, be another ten years before he created a working […]

Festival of Britain

Described by the Labour deputy leader, Herbert Morrison, as a “tonic for the nation”, the Festival of Britain set out to convey a sense of recovery and progress after the Second World War. The 1951 festival was a landmark for British design, and – due to the vision and energy of its employess together with […]

Modigliani: A Unique Artistic Voice

Like so many creative catalysts, Amedeo Modigliani set the art world ablaze for all too short a period. To celebrate such a fleeting, yet prolific talent, a new exhibition at London’s leafy Estorick Collection is giving visitors a rare chance to view his distinctive style within an intimate setting. Bringing together a selection of works […]

The Mansard Gallery

  Ambrose Heal had a keen interest in fine art and his involvement with painting and drawing paralleled his development as a designer, manufacturer and retailer. That’s why it’s hardly surprising, given his interest in the relationship between art, design and commerce, he should set up a gallery at Heal’s to show the most innovative […]

Art Into Industry – The Bauhaus at Heal’s

  It’s not hard to see the effect the Bauhaus continues to have on contemporary design. Just take a look at the tubular style furniture within our showrooms. Yet the link between the influential German design school and Heal’s goes far beyond that of recent memory. Founded in 1919, the Bauhaus spearheaded a wave of […]