Best modular sofas for every space

A modular sofa is one of the most flexible pieces of furniture you can invest in, as it can be adapted to suit your space or the evolving needs of a home. Whether in terms of its shape or size.

Allowing for more customised seating, a modular (or sectional) sofa is made up of individual units (or modules) that can be configured according to your space and taste while maximising floor space. 

In short: a win-win. 

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Why buy a modular sofa?

Modular sofas are perfect if you’re the kind of person who likes to shake things up now and then to keep things fresh, or if you’re not in a permanent space because you’re renting, as they’re so easy to take apart and move.  

Because versatility is key, they come in a variety of styles with the option of different components, from arm and back pieces to left and right-hand chaises – as well as ottomans – while they can be assembled in a number of configurations.  

Whether a two-seater set-up that accommodates couples for settling down with a movie, or a U-shape for gathering friends and family in a social arrangement, the world really is your oyster. 

Our favourite modular sofas

Luckily, Heal’s is home to a collection of the best modular sofas, the latest and greatest of which we’ve rounded-up below, from a supremely comfy modular sofa to modular sofas for small spaces and contemporary modular sofas. Be swept off your feet.  

Best velvet modular sofa

Timeless yet on-trend, velvet adds a touch of glamour to your interiors while being irresistibly soft and tactile. Good news, then, that Astrid – which offers cloud-like comfort with super-soft seat cushions filled with duck down and feathers – can be upholstered in the opulent fabric in a range of rich jewel tones, including grape, petrol and teal, as well as luxe velvet, which looks like a cotton velvet but is woven in Italy using strain-resistant polyester, making it perfect for busy households (sumptuous hues such as cognac, dusky pink and azure mean there’s no compromise in style). Envelop yourself in luxury. 

Best contemporary modular sofa

Created exclusively for Heal’s by Danish design studio Says Who, the Lili modular sofa offers a contemporary style for modern homes with a gently-rounded silhouette, soft curves and comfortable foam cushioning. Small accents like the pull-in stitch detailing across the back rest and recessed natural beech feet add to its appeal while the six individual modules in the collection mean it can be tailored to suit both small and large spaces. We’re obsessed with the sweeping corner unit for a creating a seamless arrangement that will sit flush against the wall. 

Best modular sofa for dividing large spaces

A modular sofa is a great way of carving up open-plan spaces – the experts call it ‘broken-plan’ living – by positioning your seating with its back away from a dining area, for example. With a high, structured back, the Tailor is the best for dividing your room, featuring classic British tailoring, a serpentine sprung base and goose feather-filled seat and back cushions. With left- and right-hand corner designs, there’s a configuration to suit your particular space. We suggest creating an L- or U-shape that wraps around your living area and separates it from the rest of the room. 

Best comfy modular sofa

Flexibility doesn’t have to come at the expense of form as the Morven collection of modular sofas by Says Who demonstrates, comprising two and three-seaters in addition to 16 individual units. Each piece features a sumptuous, pillow-like silhouette inspired by its namesake mountain while expert craftsmanship provides optimum support. Made from duck feathers, a deep seat comes with a high back and integrated side cushioning to soften the sofa’s frame and add to its comfort. Whatever you choose, it’s the kind of comfy modular sofa you can relax in all day, every day. 

Best modular sofa for small spaces

Togo, the immediately recognisable modular sofa by Ligne Roset, might not be the most obvious choice when it comes to modular sofas for small spaces, but the small settee is nice and compact, the fireside chair is neater than traditional armchairs and the clever corner seat makes the most of floor space, while all modules feature a low back that doesn’t take up visual room or interrupt lines of sight. Of course, for those who do have the space, the complete corner sofa is a generous configuration that will accommodate your nearest and dearest more than comfortably. Characterised by signature pleats of crumbled fabric, the iconic collection of hand-sewn sofas – now celebrating half a century in production since they were first designed by Michel Ducaroy in 1973 – are a design classic. 

Design your own modular sofa

Looking for a tailor-made buildable sofas? Giving you creative licence, our complimentary modular sofa builder enables you to design the sofa of your dreams. Simply select the units, drop onto the floorplan and assemble the sofa. Then, save the image, share the link or start from scratch. Sure to spark your creativity.