What is a modular sofa?

Comprising individual modules that can be configured to suit your taste and space, a modular sofa offers flexible seating for contemporary homes, while freeing up floor space and making the most of rooms.

Heal’s is home to a range of modular styles, from Lilli – designed by Danish studio Says Who and featuring soft curves with foam cushioning – to Morven, characterised by a sumptuous, pillow-like silhouette – and Tailor, combining traditional British tailoring with modern form. 

Here’s everything you need to know before finding a style that’s right for your home. 

Why is it called a ‘modular sofa’?

The clue’s in the name: a modular sofa is called such because of the modules it comprises. The individual pieces can be pulled apart or slotted together in various configurations to suit, from a compact two-seater to an L-shaped sofa and convenient ottoman. Think of modular sofas like Lego to make any size or shape you like – within reason, of course – without the need for tools. Are modular sofas comfortable, though? In short, yes: comfort doesn’t come at the expense of versatility with plump cushioning and the option of a chaise that means you can really stretch out and relax, while offering a sleeping solution when guests stay. 

The benefits of modular sofas

As well as looking stylish and being comfortable, whether entertaining friends or watching a movie, the practical benefits of modular sofas are endless. 

Perfect for any size living room

Because the sofa can be customised, you can maximise every available inch of floor space, particularly important in smaller living rooms. 

You can change the layout

Better still, as modular sofas are so easy to customise, without the need for additional kit, you can change them up whenever you like to keep things fresh. We suggest choosing a style in a neutral or timeless shade and going big on colour in accessories like cushions and throws that you can swap out when you fancy a change.

Easy to take apart when moving

Likewise, modular sofas are easy to take apart and pack away when moving house, while fitting easily through tight doors and narrow hallways – not to mention going up staircases. Sofas that come in parts are always going to make your life easier. 

Adapts for lifestyle changes

When you’ve got a traditional sofa, you may find that you need to change it as your life evolves, whether it’s a fabric sofa that becomes a leather one when you have children for easily wiping away spillages, or a four-seater that becomes a two-seater when the kids fly the nest. 

More cost-effective

Finally, modular sofas can be more cost-effective than traditional styles as you can start with a couple of modules to make up a two- or three-seater, then splash out on additional units, such as a corner module or ottoman, down the line. 

Design your own modular sofa

Allowing you to play artistic director, our free modular sofa builder enables you to design the sofa of your dreams. Simply select the units, drop onto the floorplan and assemble the sofa. Then, save the image, share the link or start from scratch. Sure to spark your creativity. 

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