The designs that will change your life 

When it comes to design, we believe that it’s the smallest details that can make the biggest difference to enhancing your life, whether luxurious materials for your bed to ensure better sleep, great ideas for dining furniture that gathers people together, or simply clever lighting with the power to change how you feel in a space.  

Hannah Armstrong, our senior furniture buyer, explains: “At Heal’s, we focus on quality, materials and form, as well as an obsessive attention to detail. These are the elements that make our approach really special, confidently elevating our design above everything else on the market.” She adds: “Beautiful details might appear where you least expect them, such as in the stitching of gorgeous upholstery or in the joinery of spectacular cabinetry, for example. Excitingly, they could be hiding in plain sight…”

Here, we shine a light on just some of the finer details in our designs that could change your life. It’s time to live better.  

Dreamy designs 

Now, more than ever, quality sleep is conducive to improved physical health and mental wellbeing, so it’s important to seek out sound design for your bedroom. Pieces that envelop you in luxury, provide superior comfort and lull you into deep slumber.  

Luckily, we’re the undisputed experts in sleep – after all, we’ve been crafting mattresses since we were founded in 1810 when we were the first to introduce the French feather style to London. Today, all our mattresses are still handmade in the UK using organic, chemical-free or recycled fabrics while being pocket-sprung and hypo-allergenic. 

But what are the bedroom designs that promise you better sleep?

Firstly, we couldn’t be prouder of the chemical-free ticking of our Premium Sleep cashmere mattress, which is handcrafted in Somerset from beginning to end using an abundance of the finest natural fibres. Cashmere, mohair, horsehair and silk are painstakingly hand-teased to give the mattress a truly sumptuous feel while traditional construction methods are employed to ensure long-lasting comfort. It’s the assurance of natural sleep – quite literally. 

When it comes to the bed of your dreams, it’s all about the Matera, a masterclass in contemporary design with clean lines and metal legs plus upholstery in Daino leather. Look a little closer, though, and you’ll see that the headboard is hand-stitched, which is just another intricate detail that adds to its luxury. How could you ever get out of bed on the wrong side?   

With a quality mattress and luxurious bed chosen, it would be remiss not to invest in five-star sheets that personalise your space further. Our Organic cotton sateen bed linen will ensure you slip into something comfortable night after night. Expertly made in Portugal, the detail here is in the sumptuous 200 thread-count that makes the bedding irresistibly soft to the touch and lustrous in look.

Everything you need to rise and shine seven days a week. 

Hard-working style 

While many of us have returned to the office for at least some of the week, there are still times when business needs to be conducted from home. 

So, why not carve out a work space that’s as inspiring as it is comfortable to support your productivity and creativity away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house?

There’s no denying that the right desk can set you up for success. The Henley, in particular, is the hardest-working design there is with compact proportions that conceal generous storage in slimline drawers. Designed by Tim Rundle from solid and veneered walnut, it fits seamlessly into even the tightest of spaces, while the absence of any joints make for an elegant and fluid silhouette you can’t help but run your hands over. A true investment piece for hybrid workers.

Desk in situ, pull up a swivel chair in the iconic form of the Eames EA219 with an ergonomic shape and soft cushioning that promote excellent posture throughout the working day (and beyond, when you’re burning the midnight oil). Although it was designed in 1960, it still looks thoroughly modern, and it’s the high-performance details that have kept it top of the agenda.  

Add the finishing touch to the ultimate WFH set-up with an Anglepoise original 1227 desk lamp that angles light in any direction thanks to its now-famous constant-spring tension. The smallest detail that really does make the biggest difference.

Work it with innovative yet understated pieces that always overdeliver. 

Laid-back luxury 

In an increasingly busy and noisy word, it’s imperative to create a space for all-important ‘you-time’, whether curling up with a good book or settling down for the latest movie. 

Time to turn off your phone and dim the lights. 

Combining classic tailoring with contemporary form, the Tailor sofa is understated but stylish with comfortable proportions and elegant detailing. But it’s the back cushions, filled with luxurious feathers, that are the secret detail in supporting your body and offering superior comfort. Meaning there’s really no excuse not to stay put until the credits roll. 

It’s an unrivalled design that helps you unwind. 

Bright ideas

Getting your lighting right not only transforms the look of a space, but how you feel in it, from focused in a home office to creative in the kitchen and relaxed in your living room.

So why not create a bespoke scheme with tailored details for every task and space?

A conversation starter in a social space, our Rock crystal LED chandelier is certain to bring the drama with a spectrum of dazzling intricacies, from its natural quartz rock crystals with LED pin-prick lights to its sleek brushed gold finish. Where to start with so many talking points?

There’s hidden beauty in the GLS Filament bulb by Calex, which combines cutting-edge tech with decorative aesthetics, featuring a soft wash of light that really sets the mood and provides a warm ambience for relaxed moments. 

Working until late? Take even the toughest job to task with the Saber LED desk lamp featuring slimline proportions that mean it fits onto any surface and integrated lighting that provides illumination exactly where you need it. 

Illuminating designs for truly intelligent homes. 

Calming influence

Everyday life is getting increasingly chaotic, but smart solutions for storage can turn your home into a sanctuary, improving how your interiors look and inspiring a feeling of calm. 

There’s plenty to surprise and delight with the concealed compartments without our Verona wine bar that means you can serve up your very own speakeasy at home (while keeping bottles, glasses and accoutrements pleasingly out of sight). Drink up all the clever details. 

For the guest bedroom, the Alba bed is a touch of genius with a divan base for storing extra bedding when it’s not needed without taking up room elsewhere. A truly practical and clever aspect.  

Lastly, storage doesn’t come much more versatile than in the Tra-Ra natural beech rail, which provides flexible hanging space that can be easily moved from room to room. Crafted by designer Tomoko Azumi, its delicate beech frame looks like a sculpture in its own right, while providing open storage for your clothes. All the elements that make this a future classic.  

Remember: a tidy mind begins with tidy design. 

Elevated entertaining 

It’s all about togetherness as we continue to prioritise how we spend our time – and what better way than entertaining loved ones around the table? 

A dining table sets the stage for hosting friends and family over good food and drink, so it needs be as practical as it is beautiful. Gather round for our Massa dining table, which works as hard as it plays with a heat-proof and non-porous surface that can be extended for larger parties with a patented swivel mechanism hiding out of sight. Such practicalities can don’t mean aesthetics are compromised.  

Team with the Austen dining chair with a curved backrest that enables you to linger comfortably long after dinner is done and the portable Orion table lamp that easily brings the party outside when the seasons change. 

Finer details that can turn a good gathering into a great one.