The Little Plantation takeover: Pistachio Milk Green Smoothie

The Little Plantation Food Recipe

For the first in her series of guest blogs, food stylist extraordinaire The Little Plantation shows us how to whip up a mean green pistachio smoothie.

If you’re a fan of instagram food porn pics (and let’s be honest, who isn’t), chances are you’ll have stumbled across Kimberly’s beautifully shot culinary creations. We knew she had exceptional taste but it was still much to our delight when we spotted Heal’s home accessories popping up on her feed – needless to say, we jumped at the chance of getting these wonderful recipes on our blog.

Make sure to give this delicious all-day smoothie a whirl and why not complement with the exclusive Mervyn Gers ceramics sumptuously modelled here.

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The Little Plantation Food Recipe

Pistachio Milk Green Smoothie

Pre-preparation Time: soaking the pistachio nuts overnight
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Makes: 1 large smoothie bowl or 2 regular sized smoothie bowls


Ingredients for the home-made pistachio milk:
1 cup of pistachio nuts, soaked for 2 hours
3 cups of water
1 date, pit removed
1 tiny pinch of salt


Ingredients for the smoothie:
2 cups of pistachio milk
1/2 avocado
1 date, pitted
1 banana
1 cup/handful of seasonal greens such as baby spinach
1 teaspoon spirulia or wheatgrass powder (optional)

The Little Plantation Food Recipe


Soak the pistachio nuts in filtered water for at least 2 hours or overnight. When they are ready, strain them and place them in a high speed blender, together with the date, salt and water, then blitz until smoothie.

Strain the mixture through a cheese cloth or muslin cloth. Save the pulp in a container in your freezer for future baking.

Then measure out 2 cups of pistachio milk and place in a high speed blender together with the avocado, pitted date, banana, spinach and spirulina/wheatgrass powder if using. Blend until nice and smooth. Enjoy!

Top with seasonal fruit, cacao nibs or edible flowers.


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