2020 Design Trends | Heal’s Style Report

Each year the Heal’s buying team travels the globe, scours social media and visits fairs to discover the latest trends. This year is no different so we’ve compiled our top 2020 design trends for you to learn more.

Key trends we’re envisaging for 2020 include a focus on sustainability, green and pinks, fluted accents and rattan accessories. We’re certain these trends will sweep their way onto our Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards and homes in the next 12 months.


Every year our buyers visit the world’s most renowned furniture and interiors shows, including imm Cologne and Maison et Objet. The colours we’re seeing emerge for 2020 are dark green, light pink and jewel tones, whilst natural hues and autumnal reds remain popular.


Ever since Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2020 was announced as Tranquil Dawn we’ve seen the soft mint green hue everywhere. The trend has led into a fascination with all things green. From restful sage to cool cucumber and emerald, there is a plethora of green hues to play with.

Experts are pairing it with pale peach and pinks hues like Millennial Pink, which continues to remain popular. An easy way to get the look is adding pink accessories to a green space, or introducing green foliage to a rose-hued room.


Warming cinnamon, terracotta and russet hues will be sweeping our homes in the coming year. These natural red colours feed into the world’s reignited love for organic, sustainably sourced materials and fabrics.

You can be really playful with these colours by layering them throughout a room. Use paint, textiles and furniture to create a multi-faceted colour palette. If you’re looking for smaller red touches, combine rust-hued linen bedding with ochre and cream cushions and throws to create a textured and welcoming bed.


We’ve found vibrant jewel tones making a statement at every industry show we visited this year. Think splashes of ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst. Whilst using these colours on the wall makes a real statement, we reckon small accents are the way to get on top of this trend. Explore options like vintage coloured glass accessories and vibrant textiles.

Want to follow this trend with maximum vigour? How about a statement sofa or accent chair with jewel-toned upholstery?


You’ve probably seen neutrals making more of an appearance in homes recently. Neutral whites, ivories and creams perfectly complement our love for more sustainable materials like wood, linen and cotton. For our walls, we’re dropping basic white and exploring more natural hues that lend warmth to a room rather than washing it out.

Other 2020 design trends feed into this love of neutrals. For example, pair terracotta and rich autumnal hues with deep whites and beiges for a textured aesthetic.

Colour predictions for 2020 design trends


This year sustainability will take centre stage in the materials we choose for our homes. Materials made from recycled plastics, natural marble and rattan will all become increasingly popular.


One of our predicted 2020 design trends is rattan. From the lights to the furniture, we reckon it’ll be everywhere this year. Across the globe we’ve seen a surge in people trying to connect with the natural world via their interiors and that’s where rattan comes in. Along with cane, bamboo, wicker and straw, versatile rattan is making waves in the design industry.


Rattan is a naturally occurring vine that grows in more tropical locations like Australia, Asia and Africa. It is often used to create wicker weaves which is why its name has become synonymous with woven furniture. This abundant material is beloved for its lightweight and flexible nature, not to mention its durability.

The way rattan is harvested is incredibly important as if it is cut too young then it cannot regrow. For this reason, synthetic rattan is often used.


Rattan is great for making a statement and, if you’re committed to the trend, looks particularly splendid on furniture. Invest in a headboard, sofa or chair with rattan accents for a bold look. Alternatively, infuse small rattan accents through your lighting or decorative accessories for a hint towards one of our favourite 2020 design trends.

Rattan, of course, also looks great outside. So why not enliven your garden with an outdoor rattan sofa set or coffee table?


Marble has always been a popular material when decorating homes. However, for 2020 we’re predicting that intricately veined marble will become even more popular.


Marble is an incredibly hard rock that is quarried across the globe in many different colours and sizes. Popular types of marble include Calacatta, Carrara, Emperador and Nero Marquina. Centuries ago marble was still one of the most sought-after materials. As such, polished marble can be seen in all walks of life, from art galleries and palaces to street pavements.

The beauty of marble is that each piece is completely unique, so you are always guaranteed a one-of-a-kind design.


Marble is incredibly heavy and this can prohibit where you can use it. For example, if you live at the top of a lift-free building then lugging a marble-topped sideboard up six flight of stairs could prove impossible. If this is the case for you, then how about using marble accents in decorative accessories or lights?


As the world pushes to become more sustainable, we’re seeing an increase in recycled materials. Thanks to years of technological experimentation there are now countless materials and techniques to help make design more sustainable. We’ve chosen to showcase the Designers Guild Tejo fabric for SS20, but there are increasingly more options to be found.

Colour predictions for 2020 design trends


Sustainability is one of the 2020 design trends that we’ll be seeing the most. Influencing everything from colour to materials, we hope this eco-focus is here to stay. There are many ways to be more sustainable in terms of design so it will feed into our homes from everything from paint choices to pre-loved furniture.


Ink made from algae, fabric woven using recycled cassette tapes and nappies crafted using seaweed and eucalyptus are just some of the latest sustainable materials to hit the market. Ongoing experimentation means that by the end of 2020 there will be even more sustainable materials available.

Sustainable designs hitting our shelves include recycled glass vases, upholstery woven from fashion industry offcuts and Mater’s Ocean Collection. This outdoor furniture is crafted using fishing nets that are salvaged from the sea to help clean up our oceans.


Even the smallest changes can help to make your home more sustainable. If you’re decorating, why not consider a sustainable paint? Do your research and find the right one for you. We recommend starting with this article from Sustainable Kitchens for a thorough overview.

Scour vintage shops, antiques fairs and attics for pre-loved furniture and accessories instead of buying new. The options are endless.


Whilst new furniture is often the right choice for you, buying vintage or pre-loved furniture can be a more sustainable option. New furniture is often crafted using materials from all corners of the globe before being shipped across oceans to get to you. Buying something second hand, but just as nice, can be more sustainable.

Design classics can be found in good condition at local antiques shops and online auctions. Buying this way can also offer a more competitive price than buying new. Vintage chests, tables and chairs come with the merit of having developed a characterful patina over the years, meaning they fit right into your home.