Heal’s at Home

Social distancing means we’re all spending much more time in our homes. So, we thought it would be the perfect time to showcase some of the Heal’s staff’s favourite purchases. We asked our team what Heal’s at Home means to them and they didn’t disappoint. Step behind the scenes to discover which designs our buyers, CEO and epic marketers have in their homes.

Kris, Senior Buyer

Balmoral Sofa

Balmoral Sofa | Heal's at Home

I love my Balmoral Sofa. It’s eye catching and a perfect spot to cosy up in. There’s always an argument on who gets to sit on the sofa…. sadly my daughter always wins!

When it’s time to reflect after a crazy day, I also like to burn my Heal’s scented candles.

Molly, Content

Alexander Girard’s Love Mug

Alexander Girard Love Mug | Heal's at Home

Alexander Girard is one of my favourite designers and I’d happily fill my home with his designs. As a more affordable compromise I have a few of his accessories and patterns scattered throughout. I always drink my morning cuppa in the ‘Love’ Mug from Vitra!

Claire, Lighting Buyer

Column Table Lamp in Green

Column Table Lamp | Heal's at Home

This gorgeous, dimmable Column Table Lamp sits in the corner of my living room and gives a lovely warm glow in the evening.

Ruth, Head of Marketing

Paul Smith Anglepoise Lamp

Paul Smith Anglepoise | Heal's at Home

I love the Paul Smith edition of the iconic Anglepoise, it lends another dimension to the lamp. I have mine positioned on a shelf to highlight by favourite accessories, books and prints.

Hamish, CEO

Fawn Sideboard

Fawn Side Table | Heal's at Home

My Fawn Sideboard is my favourite Heal’s piece. Not only does it look stylish and beautiful with its soft curves, but it also perfectly houses my treasured record collection!

Emily, Buyer

Urban Apothecary Candle

Urban Apothecary Candle | Heal's at Home

Urban Apothecary scents are perfect now we’re spending more time at home. The vessel itself is stylish so it looks good even when it’s not lit, and the fresh scent of Green Lavender fills the room.

Kris, Senior Buyer

Ziggy Lounge Chair

Yeti Chair | Heal's at Home

This Ziggy accent chair is one of my favourite pieces in the house. It’s the perfect place to read a book, contemplate or simply look out onto the garden. So soft and tactile, it sparks so much attention with every guest we have.

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