Find the perfect tree for your Christmas

The Christmas tree sits at the heart of every home’s festive celebrations, so making the right choice when it comes to a festive fir is key in creating a cohesive, stylish and balanced scene. Follow these three simple steps from Anna Sheridan, Interior Stylist at Heal’s to maximise your Christmas décor: STEP 1 – To […]

Styling Tips for a Mindful Bedroom

Creating a bedroom that encourages good sleep and mindful practices is a great way to start every day right. Instead of hitting the snooze button over and over again, a well-styled bedroom will help feel ready for the day. It’s surprisingly easy to transform your bedroom into a more mindful space. So, here are some […]

AW21: Introducing Divine Savages

Hi guys, thanks for joining us. So, can you explain your design process – for example: where/who do you find inspiration from? How do you source your materials? How do you reach your final design?  We find inspiration in many different places. Living in a city like London inspires us all the time; it’s such […]

Tips for Hosting Christmas Dinner

Hosting Christmas dinner has earned a bad reputation for being stressful, but it needn’t be. There are plenty of ways to make hosting Christmas dinner so enjoyable, you’ll want to host next year too. To help, we’ve compiled some of our tips. Read on to discover how to make this year’s Christmas dinner extra special. […]

How to Style your Table for Christmas 2021

We eat with our eyes as well as our stomachs. So, make this Christmas bigger and better than ever with a beautifully decorated festive table. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner party or a feast for the whole family, there are plenty of ways to personalise your Christmas dining table. We’ve compiled some of our […]

What are Natural Mattress Fillings?

Did you know that mattresses can be full of all kinds of nasties? For example, memory foam is made using polyurethane foam. That’s right, when you settle down to sleep on a memory foam mattress, you’re actually sleeping on a layer of plastic. As you can imagine, that makes memory foam a bad choice for […]

How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

There’s nothing quite like a beautifully decorated Christmas tree that’s adorned with heaps of lights. However, there are many pitfalls that can happen when you’re decorating the Christmas tree. From blown fuses and tangled cables to not having a long enough string of fairy lights. That means it can be tricky if you don’t know […]

How to Spot a Fake Eames Lounge Chair

As one of the world’s most iconic chairs, it probably comes as no surprise that the Eames Lounge Chair is the victim of untold inferior copies. In fact, fake Eames Loungers sit unknowingly, or knowingly, in peoples’ homes across the globe. Maybe you’re looking to buy a vintage Eames Lounge Chair online. Or perhaps you’ve […]

LDF 2021: Reintroducing Heal’s Discovers

Supporting innovation has been at the heart of Heal’s for more than two centuries, and since 2004 the prestigious Heal’s Discovers program has provided a platform for some of the most pioneering designers to showcase their skills and creativity. This season will see the introduction of five designers who have been identified by the experts […]