The science of sleep: why buy an organic mattress?


When it comes to the bedroom there’s only one-way to go: au naturale! Take a peak under the covers and discover everything you need to know when buying an organic mattress, bedding and accessories.


What is an organic mattress?

In the same way that organic produce is free from pesticides and artificially introduced chemicals, organic mattresses are made from materials that aren’t treated with any chemicals or toxic materials.

As well as the lower carbon footprint and supporting more sustainable farming methods, there are many advantages for going organic when it comes to buying a mattress.

Most modern mattresses contain polyurethane foam. Made from petroleum products, these have a habit of emitting volatile organic compounds which have been linked to respiratory health problems.

Similarly, foams are often treated with fire retardant chemicals, particularly Polybrominated diphenyl ethers or P.B.D.E.’s. Non-degradable, these compounds accumulate in the environment throughout the world, with scientists finding them in seal-blubber in Greenland and the breast milk of American mothers.


Cotton, Wool or Latex?

Organic mattresses not only come in all shapes and sizes but also in a wide array of different materials. Organic wool mattresses are efficient heat conductors and are great for keeping you cool in hot rooms. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is a softer material and offers a more luxurious experience.

However, when it comes to mitigating allergies and health conditions, a natural latex mattress could be the best way forward. Made from latex, naturally harvested from the sap of rubber trees, the lack of fibres means that fewer allegiants are able to collect.


Buying Organic bedding

Just like organic mattresses, organic bedding is made from chemical free materials. As well as helping to encourage sustainable agriculture and reducing the amount of toxic chemicals in the environment, organic bedding helps reduces allergies – especially skin complaints like Eczema.

Investing in organic bedding is also a must for anyone looking to make their bed a little bit more comfortable. The breathable material is a better conductor of heat than synthetics, while the increased softness is perfect for those looking to make a truly luxurious sleeping environment.


Organic mattresses vs Other Mattresses

Organic versus Memory Foam
Memory foam mattresses are either made of or topped with a layer of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material, which moulds itself to the shape of the body. In contrast, organic mattresses are made from natural materials, such as wool, cotton and flax, that has not been treated with any chemicals or toxic materials.

Organic versus Latex
Organic wool mattresses are excellent at keeping you cool in hot rooms, whilst organic wool offers a softer and more luxurious sleeping experience. However, when it comes to mitigating allergies and health conditions, a latex mattress is the best way forward. Made from natural latex, the lack of fibres means that less allergies are able to collect.

Organic versus Pocket Sprung
Pocket sprung mattresses, with their many individual springs that move to support your body, are some of the most comfortable you can buy. But not all of these offer comfort to the environment. Organic mattresses are just as soft and supportive but come with the added benefit of being naturally sourced and chemical free. All of our organic mattresses use hand-stitched pocket springs.


The Heal’s Organic Pocket Mattress

If you’re still stuck for which organic mattress to buy, we recommend the Heal’s Organic Pocket Mattress. It incorporates all the benefits of an organic design and, because it is made using wool, cotton and flax, it comes with all the features associated with each.

It is our most natural mattress – no pesticides or chemicals were used in producing the materials making for a healthier, naturally temperature regulated sleep. The individual pocket springs help to support each sleeper, keeping you in place and preventing you from rolling to your partner’s side of the bed.