Heal’s x ARTHOUSE Unlimited: a Christmas collaboration 

Heal’s Cares is our sustainable and ethical approach to design.

As part of this, we pledge to diversify our sector, from championing emerging talent in our Heal’s Discovers programme to supporting communities that are underrepresented in the industry. 

Most recently, we partnered with ARTHOUSE Unlimited, the London-based charity that represents a collective of artists with complex neuro-diverse and physical support needs, on a very special piece of art. 

Becky Sheraidah, CEO and Founder of the charity, says: “The collaboration between Heal’s and ARTHOUSE Unlimited showcases the creativity of the artists and provides a platform for them to be seen and respected. It’s a really beautiful way of showing that innovative businesses can ‘do good’ at all levels. The partnership works in perfect synergy because the piece that the artists created and the level of design that we have developed with them is showcased brilliantly by Heal’s and its own high level of presentation.” She adds: “The brief was based around the iconic imagery of Heal’s and its history, combined with the artistic style and mark-making of our artists, and how they work together. The interpretation of the artists’ drawings and line-work, using both the ARTHOUSE Unlimited and Heal’s colour palettes, has resulted in a truly unique design.”

A colourful representation of Christmas, depicting movement, celebration and togetherness, the artwork is on currently on display in the seasonal window of our flagship store on Tottenham Court Road. 

Explains Becky: “The process of brainstorming was based around the iconic Heal’s staircase that created a circular space at the centre of the artwork from which the piece expands from using inspiration from the store, drawing on the theme of togetherness in a beautiful Christmas home where the artists can experience joy. The result is a beautiful collaboration that clearly represents both Heal’s and ARTHOUSE Unlimited.”

Design and Art Instructor Manager, Zoe Thomas, says: “The artists really enjoyed working together and creating something huge that is seen in such a magnificent setting. They’ve since liked finding the parts that they worked on and how it connects as a collaborative piece, and the feeling of pride that accompanies this.”

Offering a sense of purpose to its talented creatives lies at the heart of ARTHOUSE Unlimited with the belief that feeling seen and respected will improve their health, wellbeing and happiness. 

Sabina Miller, buying director at Heal’s, concludes: “This year’s collaboration with ARTHOUSE Unlimited strengthens our relationship with a wonderful charity we’ve been working with since 2020. Heal’s has a strong tradition in supporting talent and this year we’re proud to celebrate its community of artists. The artwork produced not only captures the heritage and details of our historic store, but celebrates the joy and energy that was tangible when our teams worked together on this brief.”

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