Terms and Conditions: Spend more, Save more.

Spend more, save more 

Heal’s is offering up to £1000 off all purchases with a qualifying spend. 

As the spend increases, up to £1000 will be deducted from the final total of the purchase. 

The qualifying spend thresholds are:

  • Spend over £500 and save £50
  • Spend over £1000 and save £125
  • Spend over £2500 and save £400
  • Spend over £5000 and save £1000

Terms and conditions:

  1. This offer is valid between 2nd April 2024 and 28th April 2024 inclusive and applies to all purchases made in-store at Heal’s standalone locations, Fenwick concession stores, telesales and online at heals.com
  2. The final qualifying spend will be determined after any other allowable discounts have been deducted from the purchase.
  3. Only one discount will apply to any order; discount amounts below £1000 cannot be combined for a greater total discount
  4. The discount amount will be applied at the point of purchase; orders cannot be combined, added to or amended post-purchase.
  5. The following brands and items are excluded from the offer:
  • Knoll
  • Muuto
  • 20% off stocked and ready to ship Ligne Roset Togo, Ploum and Prado offers
  • clearance items
  • gift cards
  • delivery charges 

Heal’s reserves the right to add further brands and/or product exclusions at any point during the promotional period

       6. Where an item is included in an offer that is not part of the promotion, the customer will be able to apply whichever offer that results in the lowest selling price (via stores or telesales)

        7. If some or all of the product(s) are returned or the order is cancelled, reducing the original transaction to below the applied spend threshold, the resulting refund will be made minus the overall percentage discount applied to the individual product(s).

         8. Heal’s reserves the right to withdraw or alter the offer without prior notice

This does not affect your statutory rights.


Delivery & Lead times

The lead time quoted is an approximate lead time, based upon the best available information provided by our suppliers at the time of purchase. Where any delays occur we will do our best to notify you at the earliest opportunity.

As soon as your order is ready for delivery, our third party carrier will contact you directly to arrange a delivery. They will offer you the first available date and time slot for delivery in your area. In most cases they will offer you a date within a week, although deliveries may be less frequent for outlying areas and Northern Ireland / ROI.

If we attempt delivery on the date and time slot agreed but no one is present to receive the goods, we reserve the right to charge you a re-delivery fee for each subsequent delivery attempt. Should you repeatedly refuse to arrange or take delivery after 28 days of our first attempt to contact you, we reserve the right to cancel your order and retain 25% of the order value (the deposit) and any other costs we have incurred.


The customer will be responsible to ensure that the delivery address access is suitable for the delivery of their goods (for example; doorway large enough, sufficient space to manoeuvre the product through the property, road accessible to delivery van, provision of parking permits required for successful delivery). Where there is any doubt we suggest you conduct an independent full site survey prior to placing your order. Heal’s will not pay for any additional charges or damages caused to your goods or property due to access. We can only deliver through a ground floor or basement level and go up to second floor level. If any alternative arrangements need to be made via specialist delivery companies then any additional charges are to be paid by you, the Customer. We will not accept cancellations on the grounds of access issues that were not declared at the time of placing your order.


Upon delivery of your goods it is your responsibility (or the responsibility of the person acting on your behalf) to unpack and inspect each item and to sign the driver’s delivery note to confirm receipt of the goods. Any claim regarding short delivery, damage or defective goods must be made within 24 hours. After this time Heal’s cannot be held responsible for goods that are no longer in our care. If your goods are being shipped outside the UK by an independent shipping company, it is the responsibility of the shipping company to sign the driver’s delivery note on your behalf. Once the goods have been handed over to the shipping company and the delivery note has been signed by them, Heal’s will no longer be responsible for any loss or damage unless the loss was caused by our negligence or due to a manufacturing defect or design fault. Any claims may be reduced or rejected if Heal’s have not been given the opportunity to resolve the matter. If you have any post-delivery complaints please email our team at enquiries@heals.co.uk

Product specifications

Heal’s reserve the right to change the specifications of our products without prior notice. The measurements of all products are as accurate as possible but some variation may apply. Please ensure you are aware of the natural characteristics of the materials in the construction of your furniture, how to care for your products and the normal ageing process. Showroom models may vary in age and therefore your goods may vary in appearance from an older model on the shop floor.

There may also be a slight variation between fabric batches, the most common variation being colour. Whilst we make every effort to ensure your product is manufactured from the same fabric batch we cannot guarantee any subsequent orders placed at a later date will match your original order. We cannot accept any liability for discolouration or fading due to exposure to direct or indirect sunlight.