Undercover have been livening up the world of leather accessories for over twenty years. An enduring passion for leather and a commitment to creativity drives this vivacious collection, entirely handcrafted by artisans in Britain.

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elevate your work, embark on journeys and enhance your everyday.


We love the rich smell of leather, its smooth, silky texture, that thrill it gives to the fingertips, but more than anything we love the devilish and daring colours that we bless our leathers with: sultry oranges, tropical yellows and shocking pinks. The other thing that we love almost as much as the rich aroma of leather, its tingly touch and sunburst colours, we love it that all our goods are handcrafted here by handpicked artisans in lovable old Britain.

Leather like no other

You'll discover a vibrant new world of colour when you start to travel Undercover. We wouldn't let you out in the world unless you're making a splash with our leather notebooks and accessories. We do leather like no one else leathers.