Kitchibe Matcha Scented Candle

by Kitchibe

A delicate, nostalgic home candle by Japanese specialists Kitchibe. Infuse your surroundings with serene, warm 'Matcha' from the Crinkle collection.
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Product Story

This delectable Matcha scented candle is designed to evoke senses from traditional Japanese tea rooms, secluded by bamboo forests. In a tea ceremony, guests are invited to sit on tatami mats whilst awaiting frothy, fresh matcha tea. Top notes of leafy greenery are complimented by hot water, bamboo and jasmine middles notes, finished with a base note of tatami.
  • Kitchibe are Japanese interior scent experts creating stunning and unique fragrances that transport you to another place.

  • Matcha is inspired by the traditional teahouses of Japan, rustling bamboo and frothy, fresh matcha tea.

  • Transform your home atmosphere with top notes of Leafy Green, middle notes of tea leaf, hot water, bamboo and jasmine, as well as tatami base notes.

  • Comes in a delicate ceramic pot with a unique and organic form which can we reused once the candle has burnt through.

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Height 9.8cm
Width 9.2cm
Weight 180g
Burn Time 40 hours

Materials & Information

  • Mineral wax enriched with vegetal wax

  • Porcelain container

Care & Buying Guide

  • The wick should always be clean and no longer than 6 mm

  • Place on a heatproof surface and allow the melt pool to reach full width of the container.

  • Allow the porcelain to cool before handling.

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