Crouch End Apartment

"I create spaces that are full of personality, colour and pattern." - Bhavin Taylor, Interior Designer

“The backdrop for the space was quite neutral, so I wanted to use Heal's collections to add my signature style of bold colour as well as making it a cheerful and cosy room. Heal?s has a great range of products that the client can see and feel prior to purchase, which is great for putting everyone?s mind at ease.”

Photography courtesy of Kilian O'Sullivan

Photography courtesy of Kilian O'Sullivan

Sustainable design

A major driving force for Tom Raffield is sustainability. As steam bending requires relatively little energy and creates minimal waste product, it?s the perfect technique for this eco-minded design house. Sustainability is the bedrock for the entire business and is considered down to the materials it uses. Timber is FSC-certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests that Tom Raffield has thoroughly vetted beforehand.

The shape of things to come

By creating commercially available, handcrafted designs, Tom Raffield is forging a new future for design. This future is a world where throwaway culture is a distant memory and sustainable materials are front and centre in our homes. To achieve this, Tom Raffield works with suppliers whose eco-ethics align with its own, collaborates with forward-thinking brands and designs with the extraordinary in mind.