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Suspended in motion, our modern ceiling lights make an immediate statement. Available in various shapes and finishes, these contemporary ceiling lights diffuse light and create dazzling displays. Explore our lighting and create an inviting atmosphere and luxurious ambience in your home.

It isn’t just your furniture that should make a design statement. The area above is prime real estate to showcase your style. From striking glass pendants to soft and feminine tasselled designs, explore our collection of modern ceiling lights to make the most of your space.

The right contemporary ceiling light can tie a room together, whether it’s through matching colours or materials. If your rug or cushions have a particular colour that catches the eye, try finding a modern ceiling light that picks up on these shades. If your space is defined by the materials, you can reflect this in your choice of ceiling light. Tom Raffield’s beautiful steam bent wooden designs are perfect for Scandi spaces that use a lot of natural materials.

Alternatively, you can defy the norm and opt for something at odds with the style of the room. The Melt Pendant Light by Tom Dixon is guaranteed to add impact to any living room, kitchen or bedroom with its mirror finish and unique silhouette.
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  • Flush Ceiling Lights 1item
  1. Iskos Berlin 1item
  2. Aaron Probyn 1item
  3. Ana Kraš 1item
  4. Anders Holmedal 1item
  5. Anderssen & Voll 1item
  6. Andreas Lund & Jacob Rudbeck 1item
  7. Anulf Bjørshol 1item
  8. Asger Risborg Jakobsen 1item
  9. Benjamin Hubert 5items
  10. Bertrand Balas 2items
  11. Bill Curry 1item
  12. Birger Dahl 1item
  13. Bonderup & Thorup 2items
  14. Cenlitrosmetrocadrado 2items
  15. Christian Dell 2items
  16. Claus Bonderup & Torsten Thorup 1item
  17. David Dolcini 1item
  18. David Weeks 1item
  19. Felix Isidorsson 1item
  20. Ferruccio Laviani 6items
  21. George Carwardine 3items
  22. George Nelson 1item
  23. Gino Sarfatti 1item
  24. Greta Grossman 2items
  25. Héctor Serrano 1item
  26. Hiroshi Kawano 2items
  27. Isaac Piñeiro 1item
  28. Isamu Noguchi 6items
  29. Jasper Morrison 3items
  30. Johanna Forsberg 1item
  31. John Astbury 1item
  32. John Tree 1item
  33. Jonas Hilde 1item
  34. La Mamba 1item
  35. Louis Weisdorf 5items
  36. Ludovica & Roberto Polomba 1item
  37. Magnus Nero & Ingemar Jönsson 1item
  38. Marcel Wanders 1item
  39. Mattias Stahlbom 1item
  40. Michael Anastassiades 19items
  41. Morten & Jonas 1item
  42. Muller Van Severen 1item
  43. Naoto Fukasawa 1item
  44. Paavo Tynell 3items
  45. Panter & Tourron 1item
  46. Patricia Urquiola 5items
  47. Philippe Starck 1item
  48. Rafa Alonso 1item
  49. Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec 2items
  50. Samuel Wilkinson 8items
  51. Saskia Huebner 1item
  52. Sebastian Wrong 2items
  53. Seppe Van Heusden 1item
  54. Simon Legald 5items
  55. Sir Kenneth Grange 2items
  56. Sofie Refer 4items
  57. Studio 0405 1item
  58. Studio Simple 1item
  59. Sylvain Willenz 2items
  60. Søren Ravn Christensen 4items
  61. TAF Architects 2items
  62. Terence Woodgate 6items
  63. Tokujin Yoshioka 1item
  64. Tom Dixon 13items
  65. Tom Raffield 6items
  66. Tristan Lohner 2items
  67. Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus 1item
  68. SPACE Copenhagen 3items
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