Heal's Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for any design lover, Heal’s vouchers can be purchased and used within any of our five physical stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

In-store purchases

You can purchase gift vouchers at any of our five stores – click here to find your local Heal’s.

Simply ask a member of staff and they will set everything up.

Can I order vouchers over the phone?

Unfortunately for legal reasons and fraud protection we are unable to offer customers to purchase gift vouchers over the phone.

Can I order vouchers online?

We currently do not offer vouchers, for purchase or use, online but plan to roll out this service in future.

Can I redeem old store vouchers?

We are happy to redeem any Heal’s voucher no matter its age. To do this, please bring your voucher to any of our stores and we will renew them for you.

How can I redeem old online voucher codes?

Please get in touch with [email protected], sending any information you have on the account - preferably the name, email address, and address the account is registered to. Once the voucher has been processed, we will transfer the funds to your new Heal’s account.

I can no longer log into a credited account

You may have noticed that we recently moved to a .com address. While we sent an email to all customers that had online credit when we switched over, we know how easily emails are missed.

Please email [email protected] to have your outstanding balance transferred from an old account to a new Heal’s account.

Where can I spend my vouchers?

We are currently only accepting purchases using gift vouchers within our physical stores.

What can I spend them on?

You can spend the vouchers on any item in-store, furniture, lighting, homewares – you name it. If you don’t spend the entire amount in one purchase, you will be given the remainder on a new voucher to spend at your convenience.

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