Living Room Furniture

The living room is a place to come together, to relax and to lounge. It’s the perfect place to inject some personality with some carefully curated modern living room furniture. We have a range of shapes, sizes and styles to match your unique space.

Add interest with a Bowl table, where Scandinavian design meets Indian craftsmanship. Mixing the warmth of mango wood with the contemporary silhouette of tapered steel legs, the Bowl table looks striking and will fit with a range of décors.

With its simple symmetry and parallel-line pattern, the Verona sideboard is the epitome of contemporary living room furniture; providing ample storage in a visually stunning and striking package.

Explore our range of living room furniture to find the piece that best reflects your interior style.
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  • Living Room Storage 1item
  1. Adam Daghorn 2items
  2. Alexander Girard 1item
  3. Anton Cristell & Emanuel Gargano 1item
  4. Antonio Citterio 3items
  5. Ayush Kasliwal 7items
  6. Barber Osgerby 1item
  7. Brendon Farrel 1item
  8. C Ballabio 2items
  9. C.R. & S. RIVA1920 1item
  10. Carlo Ballabio 7items
  11. Charles & Ray Eames 8items
  12. Christian Werner 2items
  13. Designschneider 1item
  14. Dylan Freeth 1item
  15. Eames 2items
  16. Eero Saarinen 7items
  17. Emmanuel Gallina 1item
  18. G & O Buratti 1item
  19. Gabriele & Oscar Buratti 1item
  20. Gino Carrollo 1item
  21. Giovanni Tomasini 1item
  22. Giuliano Cappelletti 1item
  23. Harry Batchelor 1item
  24. Isamu Noguchi 2items
  25. Jasper Morrison 1item
  26. Jean Marie Massaud 1item
  27. Julien de Smedt 2items
  28. Junpei & Lori Tamaki 1item
  29. Kasper Salto 1item
  30. Kay + Stemmer 7items
  31. Kirsty Whyte 1item
  32. Lars Beller Fjetland 3items
  33. Laurindo Marta 1item
  34. Lee Kirkbride 2items
  35. Lucian Ercolani 4items
  36. Lucian R Ercolani 3items
  37. M. Marconato - T. Zappa 1item
  38. Marcel Breuer 2items
  39. Marconato & Zappa 3items
  40. Marina Bautier 2items
  41. Matthew Hilton 20items
  42. Mustafa Cohadzic 2items
  43. Nathan Yong 9items
  44. Natura By Riva 2items
  45. Neri & Hu 1item
  46. Noel Batt 2items
  47. Norm Architects 1item
  48. Paolo Rizzatto 1item
  49. Patricia Urquiola 2items
  50. Patrick Jouin 1item
  51. Paulo Neves 1item
  52. Philippe Starck 5items
  53. Piero Lissoni 1item
  54. Pierre Dubourg 1item
  55. Regular Company 2items
  56. Renzo Piano 1item
  57. Rob Scarlett 18items
  58. Ron Arad 1item
  59. Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec 4items
  60. Salih Teskeredžić 7items
  61. Says Who 10items
  62. Sebastian Wrong 1item
  63. Simon Klenell & Kristoffer Sundin 1item
  64. Simon Legald 7items
  65. Simon Pengelly 1item
  66. The Creative Group By Riva 2items
  67. Thomas Bentzen 3items
  68. Tokujin Yoshioka 1item
  69. Tollgard & Castellani 3items
  70. Tom Dixon 3items
  71. Tom Schneider 2items
  72. Tomoko Azumi 1item
  73. Warren Platner 2items
  74. Salih Teskeredzic 2items
  75. SPACE Copenhagen 4items
  76. Sebastian Herkner 2items
  77. Kristina Dam 1item
  78. Busetti Garuti Redaelli 1item
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