Black Modern Computer Desks

From integrated storage to concealed cable management, every piece in our collection of black computer desks is perfect for the modern home office. Whether you’re using a laptop or a desktop computer, each of our black desks is designed to work around you.
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  1. Earl of Wood Desk Earl of Wood Desk


    Earl of Wood Desk
    From £887
  2. Celine Desk Celine Desk


    Celine Desk
    From £715
  3. Journal Desk Journal Desk

    Normann Copenhagen

    Journal Desk
    From £635
  4. Compas Direction Desk Compas Direction Desk


    Compas Direction Desk
    From £2,635
  5. Orson Desk Orson Desk

    De La Espada

    Orson Desk
    From £4,640

5 Products

per page
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