Natalie J. Wood

Natalie J. Wood

Mia Sarosi Artisan Collection

Bringing Colour to Clay

Drawing inspiration from minimalism and colour theory, Natalie J. Wood uses her designs to carefully examine the place of craft in modern society. Believing in simple objects and clean forms, Wood aspires to enrich lives through simple interactions with her beautiful minimalist design pieces. Recognising society’s increasingly digitalised nature, she visualises the importance in maintaining a connection to physical objects.

The Artisan Collection The Artisan Collection
Natalie J Wood Handmade Ceramics


Each piece from Natalie J. Wood’s collection is handcrafted in small batches at her studio in Edinburgh. Natalie’s work is slip cast parian from plaster moulds she makes herself. Focused on functionality and form, each beautifully handcrafted piece is as practical as it is unique.

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