The Indigo Mill

The Indigo Mill

“The encouragement and validation from Heal’s to reach this point of submission has for me breathed new life into the project. It has given further inspiration to keep developing with the confidence that we are on course for something exciting.” - Sarah May, Director of The Indigo Mill

The Indigo Mill is a textile business housed in a large woollen mill built in the Industrial Era. It has been a place of British textile manufacture since 1812, and now the company supply flooring across the world. As part of Heal's Discovers, the company have created woven floor runners produced from recycled yarns.

The Indigo Mill />

"To be associated with Heal’s makes me incredibly proud. It is a name synonymous with design history and, of course, renowned for its quality and stylish products."
-Sarah May, Director of The Indigo Mill


The Indigo Mill for Heal's Discovers

Inspired by their family's past

Sarah May, the Director of The Indigo Mill, was intrigued by the history of the mill and the designs her grandfather had worked on. She delved into the archives and discovered traditional cloth patterns produced on the looms that still stand in the mill today. The next step to bringing these design back to life was to investigate the yarn stocks, to start producing woven cloth. In her discoveries, she found that they were holding large amounts of yarns which were unusable on tufting machinery but were effectively brand new. A perfect experiment was born - to recycle the kilos of accured yarn and use for weaving.

Developing the Idea

Developing the Idea

Sarah began to research companies who could help her to transform the yarns into finished woven products. She found the Bristol Weaving Mill, contacted them and the idea of a collaboration quickly spawned. Meetings with the Bristol Weaving Mill resulted in recycling these yarns and a way to produce multiple patterns. Once the finished products were created she submitted her designs to Heal’s Discovers. The history of the company, the development with the BWM and of course the beautiful runners, resulted in The Indigo Mill successfully shortlisted for Heal’s Discovers 2018.
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