In spring 2015, copper was voted the ‘colour of the year’ by a European panel of design and colour experts. Before they’d voted it, we’d already seen an uplift in sales of copper accessories at Heal’s, and in particular in lighting. So what makes copper special?

Apparently, the orange tones in copper give it a depth that makes it a versatile metallic which sits well with pinks, neutrals, blues, oranges, whites and wood tones. It’s also naturally warm so it is perceived as a caring colour and inherently attractive. All hail copper!

  • Metallic
  • Shimmering
  • On-Trend


Spun Copper Clock

Copper Clock

Designed by award-winning industrial designer Giulio Iachetti this solid copper clock is crafted by hand on a lathe for a perfect the finish.

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copper lighting by tom dixon

Copper Pendant

Showcasing Tom Dixon's modern approach to materials and finishes, the acclaimed Copper Pendant is made from a special vacuum metallisation process.

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