Caring For Leather

Whether it’s a traditional setting, opulent interior or modern space, the diversity of leather fits right in. A hardwearing choice of upholstery, caring for your leather furniture is fuss free.

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Designed by nature, leather lends a luxurious feel to modern and classic designs

Sumptuously soft yet highly durable, leather hides provide a smooth finish to furniture. Unlike fabric upholstery, leather can often improve with age, developing a unique patina that adds character to the space. This natural material also comes in a wide variety of grains and finishes, each creating a different effect when couple with wood, metal or soft cushioning.

General Care

Leather furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight or in very warm areas, next to radiators for example.

The minimum of care is required to keep leather looking as good as new, although it is essential that the surface is kept free of dirt and grit, which can have an abrasive, damaging effect particularly with light colours. Regular dusting with a soft cloth is all that is usually required. However, if the surface is noticeably soiled the upholstery should be wiped down at regular intervals with a cloth soaked and tightly wrung out in lukewarm soapy water taking care not to soak the leather. Only soap flakes should be used. Never use a detergent. Rinse with clean cold water and quickly wipe dry with a dry cloth.

If the surface is severely soiled then we recommend you consult a specialist leather upholstery cleaner, who can carry out simple refurbishment treatments in the home.

Characteristics of Leather

Every hide used on Heal's leather furniture has a unique grain and character of its own. We go to great lengths to select only hides of the highest quality but some marking is inevitable and should be accepted as part of the individual appearance of this type of furniture.

Growth marks, bites, warble fly marks, scars and creases are common on leather furniture and it is precisely these marks, that distinguish 'real' leather from man-made substitutes. None of these characteristics has a weakening effect on the hide. The marks signify that this is a natural product and it would be impossible to obscure them all from view without coating the surface with a thick layer of paint, which would destroy the beauty and softness of the material.

Natural surface marks we consider acceptable are:

Scars: There may be many causes, but they are mainly the result of the animal brushing against barbed wire. As with humans, the skin heals but often leaves fine lines. These light scars are not to be confused with badly healed ones, which are automatically rejected during manufacture.

Creases: These normally occur in the neck area of the hide. Because of their heavy grain, they can look very attractive. Normally this section is placed where it will not detract from the design of the furniture.

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