Kitchen Stools

Are you looking to make your kitchen a more social space? Maximise its potential with our contemporary selection of kitchen bar stools. Perfect for adding a touch of luxury to breakfast time or after-dinner drinks, our modern kitchen stools and counter stools feature a diverse range of styles and influences to complement or contrast your kitchen décor.

Create a traditional aesthetic with our light and dark wood pieces or add visual impact by opting for an eye-catching coloured metal or plastic. Our collection of kitchen stools stars some of the world’s leading furniture design houses; including the pioneering Italian producer Kartell with its emphasis on looking forward; and the quality and environmentally-focused Ligne Roset.

Whether you love to host or you want to spend more quality time together with your family, enjoy your kitchen in new ways by taking a seat on one of our stylish kitchen stools.
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  1. Masters Large Stool Masters Large Stool


    Masters Large Stool
    From £355
  2. Masters Small Stool Masters Small Stool


    Masters Small Stool
    From £355
  3. Utility Counter Stool Utility Counter Stool


    Utility Counter Stool
    From £275
  4. Bit Stool Stack Bit Stool Stack

    Normann Copenhagen

    Bit Stool Stack
    From £195
  5. Austen Bar Stool Plush Velvet Austen Bar Stool Plush Velvet


    Austen Bar Stool Plush Velvet
    From £429
  6. HAL RE High Bar Stool HAL RE High Bar Stool


    HAL RE High Bar Stool
    From £410 £287
  7. Form Barstool Form Barstool

    Normann Copenhagen

    Form Barstool
    From £260
  8. Bit Stool Bit Stool

    Normann Copenhagen

    Bit Stool
    From £200
  9. A.I. Counter Stool A.I. Counter Stool


    A.I. Counter Stool
    From £355
  10. A.I. Bar Stool A.I. Bar Stool


    A.I. Bar Stool
    From £355
  11. Bit Stool Cone Bit Stool Cone

    Normann Copenhagen

    Bit Stool Cone
    From £195
  12. Charles Ghost Bar Stool Charles Ghost Bar Stool


    Charles Ghost Bar Stool
    From £252
  13. High Stool High Stool


    High Stool
    From £834
  14. Dino Bar Stool - Front View Dino Bar Stool

    Riva 1920

    Dino Bar Stool
    From £2,028
  15. Petrus Barstool in Black - Front View Petros Barstool

    Ligne Roset

    Petros Barstool
    From £540
  16. Oki-Nami Tall Bar Stool Oki-Nami Tall Bar Stool


    Oki-Nami Tall Bar Stool
    From £390
  17. Panis Barstool Panis Barstool


    Panis Barstool
    From £1,043
  18. Spoon Stool in Black - Front View Spoon Stool


    Spoon Stool
  19. Real Good Counter Stool Real Good Counter Stool

    Blu Dot

    Real Good Counter Stool
    From £499

22 Products

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