Corner Sofa Beds

As multi-functional pieces to be enjoyed both day and night, a statement corner sofa bed allows you to make the most of the space in your home. Sit back with your favourite book or recline with family and friends in front of a feel-good movie, then effortlessly switch things up to provide a comfortable night’s rest for guests as and when you need to.

Our modern and designer corner chaise sofa beds can be used to complement the lines of your walls or coffee table with elegance and style. An eye-catching centrepiece to any room, achieve your desired look and feel with our broad and luxurious colour and fabric range; featuring dark, light and neutral tones; smooth velvets and modern cotton blends.

Exclusive to Heal’s, our own collection of modern corner sofa beds is expertly designed and made in the UK and perfect for everyday comfort, versatility and visual impact.
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