Hallway Furniture

A hallway is more than just an entrance; it’s a statement space, offering a glimpse into the rest of your home. Boost the appeal of yours through our premium hallway storage solutions.

All our modern hallway furniture boasts luxury in appearance as well as quality, making it ideal for any indoor space. You can tidy your entrance with our array of high, medium and low shelving units. Similarly, our rails and stands offer a sturdy home for coats, jackets and other essentials. Why not sophisticate your space with a traditional shelf set, or invigorate it with one of our sleek, modern console tables? Made using the finest materials, each unit offers a robust and reliable storage solution.

Our collection of hallway furniture is designed to complete any interior layout, allowing you to meet your decorative goals as well as your storage needs.
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  1. Agnes Hall Stand Agnes Hall Stand


    Agnes Hall Stand
    From £1,305 £1,109
  2. Matera Bench Matera Bench


    Matera Bench
    From £2,279 £1,935
  3. Fawn Cabinet Oak Fawn Cabinet Oak


    Fawn Cabinet Oak
    £1,990 £1,791
  4. Baenk Bench Baenk Bench


    Baenk Bench
    From £1,001
  5. Enfold Low Sideboard Enfold Low Sideboard


    Enfold Low Sideboard
    From £1,649 £1,401
  6. Enfold Tall Sideboard Enfold Tall Sideboard


    Enfold Tall Sideboard
    From £1,649 £1,401

12 Products

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