The Organic Sheep

The Organic Sheep has always cherished the environment. Being 'in harmony with nature' is part of its ethos and this is partly done by using the latest technology in its tanneries. This ensures that no polluted wastewater, or anything that may be detrimental to nature, leaves the tanneries.
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"The Organic Sheep has always cherished the environment and being 'in harmony with nature' ”

Free Wanderers

The Organic Sheep uses Icelandic sheep which were born and bred in Iceland’s free nature and with minimal contact with humans. The Reindeer Rug is from free-roaming Swedish deer.

Chemical Free

The Organic Sheep focuses on retaining as much of the natural look of the skins as possible, by using no artificial colours in the tanning process. Without these chemicals, the skins are environmentally friendly and align with the company’s ethos.