Gisela Graham

Founded in 1983 and now an international business, Gisela herself selects the perfect products for each of our amazing collections. With a dynamic, dedicated team around her, she is able to bring her unique and unmatched style to customers all around the world.
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Gisela Graham London is one of Europe's leading design companies for seasonal decorations and gifts.

Her first collection

The first Gisela Graham London collection was showcased at Harrogate in 1983 - and we've there been every year since. The "Thingamy" box debuted - a display case for every 'thing' from her handmade collection.

Honorary Achievement Award

In 2013 Gisela won the 'Honorary Achievement Award' at The Greats, given annually to someone who has helped shape the Home & Gift industry. For some a fitting finale to their career, but fortunately Gisela was only just hitting her stride.