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Pick & Mix lighting by Heal's lets you create your own unique design using a range of industrial inspired components.

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Modular lighting for the modern home.

From the shade to the bulb, the flex to the fittings, each piece is fully customisable. To give you some interior inspiration, we've provided a selection of potential designs along with a step by step guide to building your own light. With millions of different combinations, the possibilities are endless.


Hand spun using a traditional lathe, every shade is made by highly skilled metalworkers in Birmingham and Halifax.

Choose from two original 1930s designs, the iconic Industrial or Coolicon, each of which is finished in classic enamel or contemporary metal finishes.

The focal point of your light, be sure to choose a shade that not only fits the proportions of your room, but reflects the colour scheme and style of furnishings.


Cast in the UK, our range of galvinised steel and brass hooks, ceiling roses and light fittings enable you to customise every element of your design.

Easy to install, each ceiling rose contains industry standard junction boxes while the hooks and fittings can be simply screwed onto your choice of shade.


Finished in either an industrial metallic or powder coating, cage pendants are lighting at its simplest. Creating dynamic displays of light and shade on the surrounding walls, the semi-exposed, wire frame lets a patterned filament shine through. One point to note, however, is that there size will limit the choice of bulb.


Combining the aethetic qualities of vintage cables with a 21st century palette, this stylish range of fabric flex add a daring dash of colour to the room. From bright braids to solid stripes, durable Rayon is intricately woven in Milan to form a range of decorative fabric sleeves. Experiment with colour and texture to make your light a design feature.

Eco Bulbs

With their warm glow and radiant patterns, traditional filament bulbs are in hot demand from designers in search of that vintage feel.

Swiss made by skilled craftsmen, our bulbs innovatively replace filament with a thin cathode tube producing the same classic look while providing greater energy efficiency.

Available in a range of shapes and patterns, our wide selection of bulbs shine just as brightly with or without a pendant.

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