Light Wood Hallway Furniture

A hallway is more than just an entrance, the light wood hallway furniture you choose is an introduction to the rest of your home. With such an important choice on your hands, boost your hallway’s appeal with our premium light wood hallway storage solutions.
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  1. Agnes Medium Shelving Unit Agnes Medium Shelving Unit


    Agnes Medium Shelving Unit
    From £575.00
  2. Agnes Long Shelving Unit Agnes Long Shelving Unit


    Agnes Long Shelving Unit
    From £865.00
  3. Agnes Hall Stand Agnes Hall Stand


    Agnes Hall Stand
    From £1,185.00
  4. Unity Mirror with Shelf Unity Mirror with Shelf


    Unity Mirror with Shelf
  5. Cancan Coat Stand Oak Cancan Coat Stand Oak


    Cancan Coat Stand Oak
  6. Molletta Bench Cedarwood Molletta Bench Cedarwood

    Riva 1920

    Molletta Bench Cedarwood
  7. Von Bench Von Bench


    Von Bench
    From £885.00
  8. Hallway Storage Table Hallway Storage Table


    Hallway Storage Table
  9. Along Baskets Along Baskets

    Ligne Roset

    Along Baskets
    From £148.00
  10. Corso Bench Corso Bench


    Corso Bench
    From £585.00
  11. Lap Short Shelving Lap Short Shelving


    Lap Short Shelving

    From £906.00

20 Products

per page
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