Peace of mind for you and your sofa

  • Don't let the fear of a knocked over cup of tea or glass of red wine stop you from enjoying your Heal's sofa.With Guardsman's 5 year Protection Plan you can sit back safe in the knowledge that your favourite piece of design is protected against any accidental damage.

How does it work?

Guardsman have been providing furniture care since 1915 and have a UK wide team of trained furniture experts ready to repair accidental damage and stains.
To make a claim on your plan, simply complete a claim form to receive their special stain removal spray (fabric upholstery only) or arrange for one of their trained technicians to visit and repair your sofa.
To get your sofa protected, call us today on 0333 212 1915 and to view the Terms and Conditions, please click here.

What if they can't fix my sofa?

No problem. If Guardsman can't complete a repair or remove a difficult stain, they will replace either the damaged part or individual item of furniture as part of your plan.

What about renewal and excess charges?

Simply put, there aren't any. You only pay a one-off fee for your cover for the full 5 years with no annual renewal charge.
You can claim for as many incidents as you need over the 5 year plan, with no excess costs up to the indemnity of the price you paid for your furniture or £15,000 (whichever is lowest).

Heal's Chill Sofa Guardsman Furniture Insurance

What's covered?

Accidental stains resulting from:
? Drinks such as red wine or coffee? Food? Ink such as biro, felt tip or permanent marker? Paint? Make-up and toiletries? Dye transfer from jeans or newspaper (not as a result of build-up)? Oil based stains such as grease or tar? Adhesives or glues? Household cleaning products such as bleach? Acidic liquids such as vinegar and lemon juice? Unidentifiable stains such as a stain appearing after a party
Accidental damage such as:
? Tears and rips caused by keys and belt buckles? Burns caused by cigarettes? Thread pulls? Pet scratches (not as a result of a build-up)

What's not covered?

A Guardsman Protection Plan is not a substitute for regular care and cleaning. They will take care of the accidents but the day to day care is down to you.
Your plan does not cover the following:
? Colour change (from exposure to direct sunlight)? General cleaning? Wear and tear? Animal chewing

Get protected

To get your sofa protected, speak to one of our design advisors in store or call us on 0333 212 1915, Option 1.
To view the Terms and Conditions, please click here.
Please note: you can take out Guardsman at the point of purchase. The protection plan will start as soon as you have taken delivery. The price will depend on the size of your sofa and whether it is leather or fabric upholstery.

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