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Working from home means you can finally put your own stamp on your workspace, maybe even with a new dark wood desk. Say goodbye to bright lights, plain desks and broken swivel chairs, and say hello to your new home office, complete with a dark wood desk.
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  1. Celine Desk Celine Desk


    Celine Desk
    From £540 £459
  2. Orson Desk Orson Desk

    De La Espada

    Orson Desk
    From £3,915 £3,523
  3. Treviso Desk Treviso Desk


    Treviso Desk
    From £1,885 £1,602
  4. Slab Desk Smoked Oak Slab Desk Smoked Oak

    Tom Dixon

    Slab Desk Smoked Oak
    £2,300 £1,955
  5. Verona Desk Verona Desk


    Verona Desk
    From £2,399 £1,919

6 Products

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