Dark Wood Home Office Furniture

Create a workspace that will inspire and motivate you with pieces from our collection of dark wood home office furniture. We’ve specially hand-chosen every dark wood furniture design in this edit to make sure each piece gives helps you craft a place of concentration and productivity.
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  3. Walnut

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  1. Treviso Desk Treviso Desk


    Treviso Desk
    From £1,885 £1,602
  2. Agnes Hall Stand Agnes Hall Stand


    Agnes Hall Stand
    From £1,185 £1,007
  3. Mantis Desk Mantis Desk


    Mantis Desk
    From £1,235 £1,049
  4. Verona Desk Verona Desk


    Verona Desk
    From £2,399 £1,919

6 Products

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