Eleanor Pritchard

Eleanor Pritchard

With a strong affinity for the aesthetics and philosophy of Mid-century design, Eleanor Pritchard’s textile collections and rectangular cushions reinterpret such iconic styles for a modern day audience.

All of Eleanor’s woollen textiles and fabrics are woven in the UK, working with well-respected and highly-skilled British weavers

Using understated geometric patterns, calm greys and blues are mixed with shots of yellow and green to bring a modern twist to British heritage.

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"I have always loved playing with colour and pattern. My work often has a mid-century quality and I feel a strong affinity for the aesthetics and design philosophy of this era."
-Eleanor Pritchard


Eleanor Pritchard Cushions

Made in Britain

All of the company's production is done in the UK, Eleanor Pritchard is proud to work with well-respected and highly-skilled British weavers. Eleanor uses small production mills from West Wales, Lancashire and Scotland using traditional shuttle and rapier looms. The expertise and history behind the mills adds to the strong sense of integrity and place in the designer's collections.



Dovetail throw and cushion by Eleanor Pritchard


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