Bright Bulbs For Modern Spaces

Whether it's for a decorative pendant or standalone design, our bulbs add a bright spark to any interior.

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Decorative bulbs provide the perfect complement to a sculptural shade

Available in a variety of styles and finishes, our selection of bulbs and fittings help you to create personalised lighting in keeping your interior design. The ideal way to brighten up exposed bulb designs.


Around 80 per cent cheaper to use than the old incandescent bulbs, these can provide up to 50,000 hours of light. LEDs give off a ‘true’ light that is similar to natural daylight.

  • While LED bulbs may seem expensive, their cost reflects their lifespan – on average they last 20,000 hours compared to 2000 hours that halogens average
  • Some LEDs cannot be used with dimmers. The technology is developing all the time though, so speak to a design advisor for further information

Energy-Saving & CFL

Once only available in strip-light format, these bulbs have developed to be more compatible with, and decorative for, modern homes.

  • CFL’s, or Compact Fluorescent Lighting to give them their full name, are available in a huge colour spectrum, from cool and warm whites to yellow hues,so choose carefully as each subtle tone creates a vastly different atmosphere
  • Energy-saving bulbs come in bayonet and screw options to fit existing light fittings
  • Halogens: Often used in indoor downlighter, spotlights and exterior flood lights, halogen light bulbs surround a filament with halogen gas to produce a bright white light
  • Made from high-grade glass that can tolerate high temperatures, halogens are 30 per cent more efficient and last longer than the tungsten bulbs they replaced

Eco Bulb

With their warm glow and radiant patterns, traditional filament bulbs are in hot demand from designers in search of that vintage feel.

Swiss made by skilled craftsmen, our collection of filament bulbs innovatively replace filament with a thin cathode tube producing the same classic look while providing greater energy efficiency.

Available in a range of shapes and patterns, this wide selection shines just as brightly with or without a pendant.