Light Bulb Buying Guide

Available in a variety of styles and finishes, bulbs and fittings help you to create personalised lighting in keeping with your interior design. Decorative bulbs provide the perfect complement to a sculptural shade, whilst an exposed bulb on a minimalist pendant creates its own statement.

Types of Light Bulbs

Buying a light bulb can be a surprisingly trying experience when it comes to selecting between halogen bulbs, LEDs and filament bulbs. and that's before we even consider terminology like Kelvins, wattage and bayonet and what that means for your bulb.


LEDs are around 80% cheaper to use than the old incandescent bulbs and can provide up to 50,000 hours of light. LEDs give off a ‘true’ light that is similar to natural daylight.

While LEDs may seem expensive, their cost reflects their lifespan – on average they last 20,000 hours compared to 2,000 hours that halogens average.

Be aware that some LEDs cannot be used with dimmers. The technology is developing all the time though, so speak to a design advisor for further information.

Filament bulbs

With their warm glow and radiant patterns, traditional filament bulbs are in hot demand from designers in search of that vintage feel.

Swiss-made by skilled craftspeople, our collection of filament bulbs innovatively replace filament with a thin cathode tube producing the same classic look while providing greater energy efficiency.

Available in a range of shapes and patterns, this wide selection shines just as brightly with or without a pendant.

Halogen bulbs

Until recent advances in LED technology, halogen was the most popular bulb type. Halogen bulbs create light using filaments enclosed in halogen gas. ​

As these bulbs are notoriously energy-wasting, importing them was banned by the EU in 2018. This legislation aims to cut carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency.

You can still find halogen bulbs throughout the UK whilst remaining supplies are sold.

Sofa beds

Sofa beds are a hybrid of sofa and bed, usually featuring a mechanism that folds the bed into the design of the sofa. Sofa beds are great for homes short on space, allowing you to transform your living room or study into stylish guest bedroom in an instant. You can choose between fold-out designs or click-clack options, depending on what you would prefer. A fold-out design is assembled by folding out the sofa’s cushions or seat to form a bed, while a click-clack design usually involves folding down the backrest to create a sleeping platform.

Things to Consider

Warm light or white light?

When selecting a bulb to provide a finishing flourish to your room, remember to consider the temperature of its glow. This often comes down to personal preference, but is heavily influenced by use. For example, in a bedroom you might be more inclined to a calming warm light to help you unwind before bed. However, in a room where you need more visibility, cool white may be a more appropriate choice.

Light temperature is measured in Kelvins. For a warmer, yellow light, look out for bulbs with 2,400-3,000 Kelvins. For a bluer glow more alike daylight, opt for a bulb with 4,000-7,000 Kelvins.



Choosing a bulb that casts a warm light will bring a relaxing ambience to your room. Whilst whiter lights work better for providing targeted light.


Bayonet or Edison Screw?

When it comes to bulbs, there are two main types of sockets: Bayonet and Edison Screw.

A Bayonet (B) is defined by two prongs on the base, whilst an Edison (E) features a screw base and is available in a range of sizes.

At Heal's we always include the bulb size in the product name to make it easier for you. The 'standard' Edison bulb size is also known as E27, meaning the fitting measures 27mm in diameter. Other common sizes include E14 and B22. B22 means it's a Bayonet bulb with a 22mm diameter.

Make sure your bulb will fit into your light or it won’t work.



If you're buying a bulb and don't have a ruler handy, use your thumb to measure. An E27 fitting is roughly the same width as your thumb and an E14 fitting is similar to the width of your little finger.


What about wattage?

A major factor when buying a bulb is the wattage of your fixture. The general rule is the higher the wattage the brighter the bulb. Always check your light’s maximum wattage to ensure you don’t cause permanent damage to it by picking a higher wattage bulb.



Wattage isn’t equal from LED to halogen bulbs. An LED bulb with 5W will be brighter than a 20W halogen bulb.


Things to Consider

Will it fit?

It’s important to measure your designated area accurately to ensure your sofa makes the most of your space. Look up the dimensions of your chosen sofa and compare them to the measurements of your space. Be sure to take into account any side tables or floor lamps that will impact the space available. It's also important to make sure your sofa can get into its new home. To be absolutely certain that it'll fit into the space, we recommend making a thorough access check. Find step-by-step instructions here.



Use masking tape or newspaper to lay out the size of your sofa. This will give you a good indication as to whether you are happy with how much space it takes up.