"The love of wool.”

About us

Woolroom was founded in 2008 by Jo Dawson, a fourth generation of a Bradford wool merchant family. Backed by 150 years of sourcing the finest wool from around the world. Woolroom’s mission was to try and break the frustration surrounding the undervaluing of this incredible fibre. Woolroom’s aim was to re-educate the consumer on how wool’s amazing benefits could far outweigh any of the unfounded negatives associations with wool. This natural and sustainable fibre could regulate temperature, be washed at home, and when encased in soft cotton, could be used in the bedroom environment.


Our promise

At Woolroom, we know it’s important to do right by our farmers, the environment, the future and you. That is why with every product you purchase from us you’re guaranteed the highest quality, highest levels of sustainability and ethical sourcing as well as a product that not only looks amazing, but performs better than anything else available.