Lorena Canals

Founded in 1998 in her garage and up until today, Lorena Canals is the creator of the washable rug concept. The brand offers rugs, accessories and textile toys sustainably handcrafted with natural fibers, both for home and kids’ decor.
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“One day, 20 years ago, - After searching unsuccessfully for the ideal rug, I decided to design a washable rug myself, perfect for a home with children.”

The concept

One of our first milestones was the washable rug concept. How did it come about? The story begins when Lorena wants to buy an easy to clean rug for her daughter’s room. She discovered that this type of rug didn’t exist in the market and decided to fill the niche by designing and manufacturing her own washable rugs in India.

A global presence

With a current presence in over 70 countries worldwide, Lorena has offices in Barcelona, New Delhi and New York. All products are designed in Barcelona and handcrafted in her own factory in India, following fair trade practices and giving back to the community with its Sakûla Project.