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"Quality and aesthetic simplicity are fundamentals for everything we do, and constantly we explore new materials, methods, patterns and ideas."


Revelin Rug by Linie Design

Danish Design

Designed in Denmark by a host of noted textile designers, specialist Danish weavers are consulted at each stage to ensure the modern patterns and textures marry with the brands tradition of Nordic craft. Committed to providing sustainable design, every piece produced by Linie Design is made using environmentally friendly fibres, which often inspires the initial design stages. As a mark of this, all of their rugs live up to the EU directive REACH.
Kisho Rug by Linie Design

Made in India

Each Linie rug is hand woven or tufted in India by master crafts people whose traditional skills have been passed down through the generations. Linie Design is also part of the worldwide CARE & FAIR scheme to support its weavers. Tradition is woven into the very fabric of the business, whether it’s the innovative style of Nordic design or the craftsmanship of master Indian crafts people.



Zelbio Rug by Linie Design


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