Bristol Weaving Mill

Bristol Weaving Mill

The Bristol Weaving Mill is a micro-mill based in the heart of Bristol with facilities to create the most exclusive fabrics imaginable for international fashion and interior industries. The Bristol Weaving Mill’s signature collection is predominantly focused on wool and tweeds, however they also focus on creating ethically responsible fabrics using locally spun wool together with recycled fibres wherever possible.

Founders of internationally renowned woven textile design studio Dash and Miller, Franki Brewer and Juliet Bailey established The Bristol Weaving Mill in 2015 as a response to global demand for their textile designs. The Bristol Weaving Mill is a result of Franki and Juliet’s passion for innovative woven textiles, and has lead them to create a pioneering space where avant-garde fabric design meets traditional manufacturing processes. Hand-loom weaving is central to Franki and Juliet’s design approach, and all fabrics are sampled on hand-looms before being developed for manufacturing at the mill.

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