Our Top Sustainable Furniture & Lighting Brands

With the increasing threat of the climate crisis, it’s essential we address our spending habits in all walks of life. For example, buying sustainable furniture with a low or non-existent impact on the environment.

Sustainable furniture comes from using recycled materials, renewable resources and natural finishing products that don’t release toxins. Furthermore, the manufacturing process should be environmentally friendly. For example, using locally sourced materials, green energy and non-toxic treatments. Keep an eye out for certifications from third-parties like the Forest Stewardship Council, the Soil Association and the Carbon Trust.

Ligne Roset

Sustainability and eco-consciousness have always been central to Ligne Roset’s ethos. Based at the foot of France’s Bugey Mountains, Lignet Roset aspires to protect its beautiful natural surroundings by using ‘clean’ manufacturing methods. This dedication is seen throughout Ligne Roset’s production process.

Ligne Roset's Togo Sofa, part of its collection of sustainable furniture | Image courtesy of Ligne Roset

For example, every material it uses comes recommended by France’s Institute of Technology for Forest-based and Furniture Sectors. Vinyl and water-based glues, which have no impact on the environment, replace solvent-based glue. Furthermore, it has replaced all carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic materials with ecological alternatives.

To create further control over this process, the environment is considered from the outset. Environmental issues, potential lifecycle and materials are all considered when Ligne Roset’s team first starts designing.

Recycling is integral to Ligne Roset, with all foam, cartons, leathers, fabrics, wadding, polyethylene and paper being recycled. Even wood cut offs heat the factory during winter to minimise waste.

Read more about Ligne Roset’s commitment to the environment and sustainable furniture here.

“Far more than a strategy, we favour a philosophy imprinted with respect for human beings and their environment… Our environmental practice is nurtured by the concepts which have always guided us: creativity, innovation and quality.”

Pierre Roset


Another way to buy sustainable furniture is to buy vintage or pre-loved. So, if you’re in the market for a vintage addition to your home, why not head to Vinterior?

Vinterior is an online marketplace where you can buy vintage furniture without having to hunt high and low in every antiques shop in your vicinity. Stocking everything from armchairs to coat racks, you can find pieces with real character whilst also shopping incredibly sustainably.

Vinterior creative layout of sustainable furniture | Image courtesy of Vinterior

Delving into thousands of products online, you’ll find pieces by all your favourite designers. From Finn Juhl cabinetry to Poul Henningsen lighting and Arne Jacobsen seating, you’ll find it . Plus, lower-priced designs sitting alongside coveted classics with heftier price tags make Vinterior ideal for many budgets.

Vinterior hosts over 1,600 independent furniture dealers from across the world, each approved to ensure they meet Vinterior’s high standards.

Visit Vinterior here to find your perfect vintage furniture.

“The rise of fast furniture promotes wastefulness, erodes quality, destroys creativity and kills individuality… It’s time to respect the originals, celebrate the one-offs and elevate the truly exceptional.”


Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield doesn’t forsake good design in the name of sustainability. Instead he combines the two.

As a specialist in steam bending wood, it comes as no surprise that sustainability is a priority for Tom Raffield. All the wood comes from local sources wherever possible and always comes from FSC-certified, sustainably managed woodlands.

Lifestyle imagery of Tom Raffield's sustainable furniture & lights

Steam bending in itself is a remarkably low-energy technique and creates very little waste product. Timber is naturally air dried and glue is shunned in favour of non-toxic screws and staples. Steam bending is, however, a time-intensive and unpredictable skill, making each creation that little bit more special.

Taking eco-consciousness to the next level, 100% renewable energy powers Tom Raffield’s workshop. This comes from solar panels installed on the roof as well as a green energy supplier.

Plus, each piece is handcrafted by Tom Raffield in Cornwall. So buying this sustainable furniture and lighting is definitely considered shopping local.

Shop Tom Raffield furniture and lighting here.

“I truly believe that sustainability should be synonymous with good design, much like quality and function, and that this is the answer to over-consumption and the environmental challenges we face.”

Tom Raffield


London-based lighting specialist Tala aspires to help mitigate the climate crisis using good design and sustainable technology. By combining thoughtful product design, LED technology and transparent practices, Tala is helping to accelerate the low carbon economy.

Tala’s focus is on reimagining traditional incandescent bulbs in the form of low-energy LEDs whilst retaining the warm glow of filaments. Expers widely consider LEDs a better alternatives to traditional halogen bulbs because they use just one fifth of the energy.

Four of Tala's sustainable light bulbs hanging in front of a window

Furthermore, each material and method is carefully chosen based on their environmental impact and to help reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

As trees absorb tonnes of carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, they are essential parts of our ecosystem. To help reduce their carbon emissions and restore the planet’s ecosystems, Tala is partnered with reforestation programmes across the globe.

Discover even more about Tala here and find out more about LEDs here.

“We help our customers buy into sustainability by allowing them to buy a product that is beautiful and attractive in and of it itself, rather than just because it’s a sustainable product.”

Nikki Kapp