Top 10 Lights for Working from Home

One of the benefits of working from home is that your workspace can be designed around you. So kiss goodbye to harsh strip lights and glaring bulbs and say hello to calming, inspiring light. We’ve hand-picked our top ten lights for working from home to help you on your way.

Milton Desk Lamp on a desk when working from home

Milton Desk Lamp

We love our Milton Desk Lamp because it brings a mid-century influence into office spaces. More traditional than many desk lamps, its brass accents and matte finish bring a touch of decadence to your workspace. It’s the perfect choice for those who like to surround themselves with a bit of oppulence.

Panthella Portable Table Lamp works as a desk lamp when working from home | Image courtesy of Louis Poulsen

Panthella Portable Lamp

Maybe your workspace needs a little more light but you don’t want to invest specifically in a desk lamp. One of our favourite solutions to this problem is the Panthella Portable Table Lamp. This miniature edition of Verner Panton’s iconic Panthella Lamp is wireless, meaning it can seamlessly transition from desk to living room.

AJ Desk Lamp | Image courtesy of Louis Poulsen

AJ Table Lamp

AJ is one for the design enthusiasts out there. A little pricier than some of our other options, the AJ Table Lamp wouldn’t look out of place aboard a space ship. Back on Earth this Louis Poulsen lamp is ideal for creating targeted light to help focus your attention.

Type 80 Desk Lamp creates an ace working from home set up | Image courtesy of Anglepoise

Anglepoise Type 80

No self-respecting countdown of the best lights for working from home would be complete without an Anglepoise desk lamp. We’ve chosen the Type 80. This new addition to Anglepoise’s collection offers targeted lighting and a compact base so it fits comfortably in smaller workspaces. Plus, its design means it wouldn’t look out of place in a modern living room or bedroom once lockdown ends.

Cohen Pendant Light in a working from home workspace

Cohen Pendant Light

If you’re lucky enough to be quarantined with an electrician and have a dedicated workspace then pendant lighting may work. Pendants like the Cohen Pendant Light are ideal for saving valuable desk space whilst providing targeted lighting. Be sure to position it somewhere you’re confident your desk is going to stay for years to come.

Tab Floor Lamp | Image courtesy of Flos

Tab Floor Lamp

A floor lamp might not be the first thing that jumps to mind when you think of office lighting. However, we know a well-positioned floor lamp can make all the difference in an office. We’ve chosen the Tab Floor Lamp from Flos because it provides a targeted glow, perfect for focusing your attention. Not convinced? Then it’s also available as a table lamp.

Type 90 Mini Mini from Anglepoise is versatile when working from home

Anglepoise Mini Mini

Hot desking at home? With such a sudden shift to working from home, many of us won’t have dedicated working space. So, if you find yourself flitting between the kitchen table, living room and the makeshift desk in your bedroom, a USB-powered lamp could be a good choice. We love the flexibility of the Anglepoise Mini Mini.

Kelvin Edge Desk Lamp | Image courtesy of Flos

Kelvin Edge Desk Lamp

Need a light that’s adjustable and will provide super-targeted lighting? Look no further than the Kelvin Edge Desk Lamp from Flos. This sculptural lamp is great for architects, designers and artists thanks to its adjustable head, arm and stem. Plus, its LED module is dimmable so you can find the right intensity.

Setago Table Lamp | Image courtesy of &Tradition

Setago Table Lamp

Portability has been a key theme throughout this edit. That’s because these lights are really practical and adapt seamlessly to your life. We love the Setago Table Lamp from &Tradition. This colourful light doesn’t provide a particularly targeted glow but is perfect for bringing a little added light to dark spaces.

Choose the Akari 1A Table Lamp if you need a little mroe light wne working from home | Image courtesy of Vitra

Akari 1A Table Lamp

Need a little more light in your workspace but not to the extent that you need a desk lamp? In that case the world is your oyster when it comes to desk lamps. If we had to pick, we’d choose the Akari 1A Table Lamp from Vitra. Isamu Noguchi’s iconic light casts a soft glow throughout your room to create a calming environment.